Sunday, September 30, 2012

Workout Log 9/30

9/29: Rest day! Ok, I admit it totally wasn't planned that way, but nothing seemed to be going as planned yesterday. I did decide that this weekend was my last weekend drinking soda for a while. This past few weeks it's gotten really out of control. I stocked up on those single packets of Crystal Light and Lipton Tea to add to water bottles. I'm hoping they'll help wean me off of soda and back to plain water. 

9/30: Took Mr. C for a bike ride. Next time I'll get a picture of him, he's so cute in his sisters Dora helmet! I haven't gotten around to buying one for him, so he gets to wear his sisters :) 

We rode about 4 miles together on the bike. It's been a while since I've taken one of the kids for a ride. Where we used to live it was really flat so riding was easy, here, not so much! There are hills everywhere! The first big hill I attempted to go up the gears got stuck and I nearly dropped the bike! If Mr. C hadn't been on and my unearthly mommy strength hadn't kicked in I probably would have too. I had to jog/walk/shuffle (in that order) the bike all the way up this huge winding hill. 

The other side of the hill was a huge pay off though :) Beautiful view of the mountains and lots of speed! Bugs too. Keep your mouth closed! 

Bike ride
4 mi
30 min

Still no stats. I have no idea which box my bathroom scale was packed in! However, I feel really good!

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  1. Good job. Keep up the good work. I wish I could ride my bike but I can't because my knees will swell up.


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