Wednesday, October 24, 2012

BluApple Review & Giveaway {11/7}

Bluapple Giveaway

This is something I'm really, really excited to share with you, and to offer a giveaway for, because this is a product that I know for sure is saving me money!

Let's face facts. I'm not super organized when it comes to food. I'm just not. I often buy double of things that are already in my pantry, and, sadly, I also let food (especially fruit and vegetables) spoil in the fridge. They sit, alone and cold in the crisper, waiting to be eaten, and that day just never comes! Cleaning out the fridge is gross because there is always something slimy and shameful in the drawer. YUCK! I hope some of you can relate with this, because otherwise I'll feel much worse about myself!

I jumped on the opportunity to review the BluApple! It was featured on The Doctors, where it was much acclaimed.

This is how it works:

Fruit and vegetables give off ethylene gas that promotes even ripening, however when locked away in the fridge, this gas concentrates and these foods ripen and spoil at an even quicker rate!

The BluApple absorbs the ethylene gas, prolonging the life of the food. One BluApple will last you about 3 months, and a year's supply runs at about $10 on Amazon. Pretty good deal!

So how did it shape up?

bluapple, review, fruit, vegetables, giveaway, fresh

Well, and this is admitting how bad I am about eating the fruits and veggies I buy, I had about 4 peaches in the fridge that I had purchased about 2 weeks ago. My BluApple was already in the crisper drawer when I added these peaches to the lot. The other day I get a peach out to feed to my kids, and I'm worried because I know they've been in there a while. You know what though? The peach is HARD. It hadn't even ripened much at all!! It was in there right next to the BluApple and the darn thing had hardly ripened!

I went ahead and cut it up for the kids, it tasted just fine, a little crunchy, but good. Less messy for the toddler :)

I pulled one out to stick on the counter and after a day it was perfectly ripened. WOW! I know that if I didn't have that BluApple in the fridge I would have had to thrown out moldy, fuzzy peaches. I know because I have before.

How about on the counter top? I don't know about where you live, but I feel like Hawaii bananas are weird. They ripen super fast on the counter, we're talking like 3 or 4 days and I'm set for banana bread. It's pretty bad. Put them in the fridge and they just get weird. So I put the BluApple underneath my bananas hanging on the bamboo hanger on the counter.

bluapple, review, giveaway, food, produce, fresh

I was so impressed. After a whole 7 DAYS the bananas were still edible! They had some brown spots, but they weren't black. Huge improvement!

I love my BluApples. They save me money, time, and the effort of cleaning out the fridge! Plus I feel better about not wasting food, something I always felt pretty bad about.

I can't recommend them enough! These are so affordable, everyone needs one!

Here is your chance to win! Not 1, not 2, not 3, but 20 WINNERS will be chosen! Each winner will receive a 2 pack of BluApples! Nice!

Use the Rafflecopter below to enter, and hop around to the other blogs to see pictures and testimonies from other reviewers!

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  1. Unfortunately, we throw away a lot of food :( I would love one of these so I can keep my fruit fresher...longer!

  2. We throw out produce at least once a week. When I clean out my fridge on garbage day, I usually toss out all that well-meant food

  3. I LOVE my Bluapples! They have saved a lot of my produce :)

  4. Oh, we are constantly having to throw out fresh fruits/veggies. A lot of times, it happens because dinner plans come up, etc. I would love to stop throwing out food!

    brooke811 at ymail dot com

  5. I love the BluApple, such a wonderful way to save money on produce! So affordable too!

  6. Great idea to place the BluApple by your bananas I am going to try that.

  7. Wow, really interesting. That would be awesome for us, since we're only really here on the weekends, and our fruit always goes bad before we can eat it.


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