Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fun Yarn Wrapped Halloween Wreath

I have a fall wreath I made a couple years ago, but I don't have a Halloween wreath. I decided this year was the year! I love making wreaths and was really in the Halloween spirit. I ran over to the craft store and Wal Mart for supplies. 

Unfortunately Ben Franklin (the craft store, not the man) did not have a lot to offer in the way of Halloween items; there are whole aisles dedicated to Christmas already, but only a tiny section for Halloween! Anyway, I decided to try a yarn wrapped wreath since I've never done one before. It's a little time consuming, but super easy. 

I bought a large straw wreath and left the plastic on to help contain the mess. 

Tie the yarn around the wreath, then start wrapping your little heart out! I used an entire skein of yarn to cover the whole wreath.

Keep going! I did all orange then went back and used about half a skein of black spread out over the orange base. 

When you're done, tie another knot and then trim it. Tie your knots on the same side of the wreath, later on this can be the back. 

Tip: If you just pull the string out of the middle of the skein it will eventually get very tangled. I recommend making a ball of yarn first and then wrapping your wreath. I didn't do it this way and I'm pretty sure I spent way more time untangling than it would have taken to make a ball. 

Sorry I don't have better pics for a yarn wreath tutorial! I did it kind of as a last minute thing last month. Let me know if you need help figuring it out!

I made these cute little flowers out of purple, black and orange felt. I love them! 

I decorated the rest of the wreath with little bits I found at Wal Mart and Ben Franklin. I went ahead and super glued everything down, except for the spiders which are fuzzy and just stuck to the yarn. 

I'm pretty proud of myself :) Did you make a Halloween wreath this year? 

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