Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Interview With Pirate Booty Fluff's Rogue Pirate!

An interview with the Rogue Pirate herself! Meet the Captain at the helm of Pirate Booty Fluff! Be sure to follow on Facebook and check out the Hyena Cart shop! The next stocking will be this Friday, November 2nd, 2012 at 9PM EST!

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The Rogue Pirate was kind enough to let me ask a few questions without keel hauling me :)

How old is your oldest baby? He is 5 almost 6

Have you cloth diapered from the get go or did you start later? How were you introduced to it? I started on my second when he was about 18 months, but only at night. I was tired of him peeing through everything every single night. I had a few friends that cloth diapered and I was interested in the cost savings and the idea of less laundry! I asked on the Cloth Diapering board on BBC what would be the best route to go for night time on the cheap. I was told prefolds and covers. I didn't know covers like the ones I make now existed and thought they meant plastic pants!! You should have seen his face that first night! He had two premium prefolds shoved into plastic pants!! he was HUGE!! He tried walking and then would stop and look down, punch his crotch and burst out laughing. But guess what? No leaks!

When did you start making your own diapers? What made you start selling them? I made a couple very rough fitteds out of flannel not too long after I first started cding, but didn't really make anything after that. I really started digging into the sewing when my youngest Scallywag was born. I started cding him after the first 4 weeks or so. We started off with mostly aios, prefolds, covers and hemp fitteds in his nb stash. Once he started out growing that, we started with some pockets and that is when the rashes started. His skin would get flaming red after a wet diaper no matter how often I changed him. It just kept getting worse. I had never heard of a synthetic sensitivity, so I just kept trying to fix the rash. I tried more air time, just prefolds, fitteds, and changing often. But I still had synthetics in the rotation. We ended up with a nasty yeast rash that took a LONG time to figure out. Around that same time I was finding out about synthetic allergies and I immediately knew that was what we had. So I started destashing and rebuilding with all natural diapers. I really liked Grovia's but they were too small and he grew out of OS really fast. I like BGEs, but they wore out so fast and I didn't like the way the sewn in part kind of "balled-up" and never laid flat. Then I started searching WAHMs for what I wanted and could NOT find natural fibers aside from fitteds! AND I was never fast enough for a Chelory. So, I started thinking that maybe I could create what I felt would be the "perfect diaper" for my scalawag. I started botching things and wasting materials right away. I was awful! lol! I had never learned to sew (never wanted to) and I didn't know what I was doing, but I was DETERMINED. The more I tried, the more things started to come together. Selling was never a goal. Having fun and building a stash was, but then I hit that point where I had created something I was very satisfied with and confident in and my family encouraged me to try to open up shop. I was also very interested in offering to other mommas in my position, a cute, trim, pocket or pocket/aio in natural fibers; something I could never find. So I did, and here we are.

Did you think your diapers would be this popular? NO. A Big FAT NO. I am completely humbled and in awe of how loved my little poop catchers have become. When I watch things fly off the shelf, I just shake my head and think, " if they could just see me!" I am just a normal wench! grubby hair, jeans, t-shirt, a messy house, and the most adorable rotten little scallywags *I* have ever seen. It is such an honor everytime I see an action shot or hear that something that *I* have made fits a "hard to fit" scally. I also like to hear when Mateys approve. Thats like the ultimate stamp of approval, ya know?

What is it like to know that hundreds of moms are reading your Facebook posts, waiting for the next stocking? Haha. I think hundreds might be a bit much, but again, it's very very humbling and amazing to me.

Where would you like to see your shop go in the future? Would you like to stay small or grow larger? I think i would like to stay smallish. I want to get more efficient, and produce a few more each stocking, but I want to be the one who makes them. I want to be the one who pours the creativity and care into them. I TRULY enjoy it. If I stay smallish, I can still have the fun banter with my wenches on fb and I can continue to provide excellent customer service.

Why the pirate theme matey? I like pirates! lol. They are fun-loving, cutthroat, adventurous, and fearless. Besides, if I am going to sit behind a serger and a sewing machine like an old lady each night, I sure as heck am going to spice it up and put my mark on what I make. They stand out a little in a stash, no?

Last question: Is your Facebook language set to Pirate? I DO have it set to pirate on and off. I am not experienced with Facebook, so when I had it in pirate language and needed to change something, I would get so lost. I am going to put it back to pirate right now!

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