Sunday, October 7, 2012

Low Entry Giveaways Ending This Week 10/8-10/14

Here are a few low entry giveaways ending this week! Please remember that "low-entry" is relative based on the number of entries possible for each person. Don't be dismayed if a giveaway has over 1000 entries! If each person has 200 possible entries then not that many may have entered and your chances are still pretty good! :D

Bows n' Ties $20 GC 10/13

Cloud 9 Parties $25 GC 10/14

Clipa Chloe Handbag Hanger 10/8

Paper Scissors Rock Night Light 10/8

Comotomo Bottle 10/11

30 Day Supply of Premama Prenatal 10/8

Lipton Tea & Honey 10/10

Item of Choice from Piccadilly Plum 10/9

Funkoos Organic Baby Clothes 10/9

Imse Vimse Training Pants 10/12

$10 Walmart Gift Card 10/11

Foxy Pash Frozen Yogurt 10/13

Nuby CoolBite Teething Pal 10/13

Airheart Seat Pet 10/12

Holly Yashi Jewelry 10/10

Ladaisi Art Print 10/12

How I Met Your Mother 7th Season Set 10/10

NCircle Halloween DVD Prize Pack 10/10

Luxe Design $100 GC 10/11

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  1. I missed most of these darn it! I need to make sure I get on your calendar next week!


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