Monday, October 1, 2012

Ozeri Giveaway! Ends 10/16

Thanks to Moderna Housewares and Ozeri I had a chance to review the 4x3sport Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer

This thing is awesome! It features Tri-Axis techonology (sounds fancy, huh?) that measures your movement on an X, Y and Z-axis, to get the most accurate reading. 

Here's a rundown of what it can do: 

  • Records steps taken (including stairs), calories burned, and the length of time you exercised
  • Allows you to make goals so you'll push yourself even farther
  • It's superior accuracy means it doesn't miss any steps!
  • Counts up to 1 million steps, as well as remembering your previous steps taken for up to 30 days!
If me telling you how great this pedometer is isn't enough, consider that it's used by professional 100 mile ultra runners like Evan Kimber! 

You can check out other reviews by Pitch List Members by hopping around the linky below!

There will be two prizes given away of Ozeri products! 

Prize #1: Ozeri Green Earth Wok, Pepper Grinder, and Kitchen Scale

Prize #2: Desk Fan, Pedometer, and Bathroom Scale
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  1. Jen Boehme
    I want to win prize #2 the most.

  2. That is cool that it helps you make goals and pushes you! I need to try this one too!

  3. I could use a good pedometer. Every Pedometer I have ever had never really worked right. This looks like a good one.

  4. I'd like to win prize number 2. I think it could help me stay on track with living a healthier lifestyle.

    maloydeals at gmail dot com

  5. my first choice would be the Wok, Kitchen Scale, Pepper Grinder, but either prize would be awesome

  6. prize #2

    annae07 at aol dot com

  7. The wok, kitchen scale & pepper grinder

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (

  8. I want to win the Wok! I could also use a good pedometer. All of things are useful!


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