Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pirate Booty Fluff Diaper Review

The next stocking for PBF is Friday, November 2nd, 2012 at 9PM EST! Also, I got a chance to interview Rogue Pirate herself. Check out what she had to say! (I can guarantee you'll laugh!)

A little about Pirate Booty Fluff:

Let me just start by saying that getting here, to this review, was a little bit of a journey for me. PBFs are not easy to get, I've tried my luck at 3 stockings now and boy these ladies are fast! Don't be deterred by the heavy competition though, it's a good sign the products are genuine, and the battle is half the fun! 

Pirate Booty Fluff, cloth diaper, review

I'd also like to, right off the bat, point out that I did NOT receive this diaper to review for free. I bought this diaper fair and square! That's how much I wanted to review it! 

A friend of mine shared the Pirate Booty Fluff Facebook page with me a while ago. Every time a new photo was shared or a stocking was scheduled we would start drooling. They are all so cute, and even from just looking at the pictures you can see the quality! When I first "liked" and started following PBF on Facebook the page had 600 followers, not it's boasting over 800! I was really impressed by these numbers because this is a shop that does not participate in blog reviews or giveaways, each and every like was completely organic! I loved it. 

If being called a wench offends you then move along! haha

The Facebook page is part of the experience. In the days leading up to a stocking you'll see the banter begin. Everyone speaks in Pirate, of course, and the playful threats are generally fun, and usually hilarious! Not to mention the corny Pirate jokes! "How much does a pirate pay to get his ears pierced?" ;) 

Hilarity aside, what you see the most of on the PBF Facebook page are action shots of scallywags in PBF "Poopdecks" showing off their booty. Every picture comes with a testament of how great the diaper is! 

Need another example of how coveted these Pirate Poopdecks are? A recent auction saw a one-of-a-kind, PBF Pocket/AIO go for $114!! Wowza! 

Pirate Booty Fluff, cloth diaper, review
This one-of-a-kind auctioned diaper sold for $114 at Pirate Booty Fluff!

My Review:

I was blessed with a custom AIO pocket diaper. I chose a Neverland print (because Peter Pan is my favorite story). Pirate Booty Fluff has a super quick turn around time as well, so you won't be disappointed there. Customs are finished in no more than 2 weeks and immediately shipped out!

As soon as I held the diaper I could feel the quality. Even the PUL is thicker, sturdier, and the inner liner is fabulously soft and comfortable. When I am old and withering I want to wear PBF instead of Depends!

pirate booty fluff, diaper, cloth diaper, review

The Pocket/AIO features a sewn in soaker, as well as a snap in booster, perfect for heavy wetters and boys! I love this style because it is so versatile. At nap time and at night I can stuff it with extra inserts to increase the absorbency. 

The inner liner is made of a Heavy Bamboo fleece. The difference between the heavy bamboo and regular bamboo fleece is extraordinary, it's super thick and soft! The soaker and booster are also made of heavy bamboo, meaning increased absorbency, while still being relatively trim. 

In addition to the snap down rise of the OS diaper, there are two rows of snaps at the top, meaning a better fit whether your scally has chunky or thin thighs. 

pirate booty fluff, diaper, cloth diaper, custome, pocket, aio, review, neverland, peter pan

I love everything about this diaper! The coordinating snap colors, the craftsmanship, the sewing, the quality of the natural fibers and PUL used brings together one of the best made diapers I've ever purchased!

You can follow Pirate Booty Fluff on their Facebook page, check out the Pirate Booty Fluff Hyena Cart shop, and be sure to keep an eye out for the next stocking which will be this Friday, November 2nd, 2012 at 9PM EST

Although it is not required for me to disclaim anything here I would like to note that I purchased this diaper with my own money and was not compensated in any way, financially or otherwise, to write this post. I just happen to love this diaper so much I wanted to review it! 


  1. cute! I have never heard of this brand before! They look super abosorbant!

  2. Those are cute diapers--almost makes me wish I had a little one to use them on-but alas--am too old now!!

  3. These are too cute! Diapers sure have changed over the years.

  4. Those are cute. I have not heard of them before. I like the solid with print style!

  5. I absolutely Adore my PBF's... so much so that my kid is potty trained now and I'm still not letting go of one of the PBF's I have! Keeping it for the baby box...

  6. Lol, they are super adorable! I can understand why you'd want to buy them. I just need to have some kids so I can get some too XD!

  7. omg I wish my son was still in fluff. I didn't know these existed when my son was in cloth!

  8. Rogue does awesome work. It will be a sad day when my scally potty trains and we can't use these awesome diapers anymore. But they are really hard to get ahold of!


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