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5 ways to keep the whole family happy this Christmas (including yourself) Guest Post

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The Christmas holidays are supposed to be a festive time filled with joy and happiness surrounded by all your nearest and dearest, yet all too often they turn into long stressed filled days interspersed with arguments and unhappiness, leaving us feeling exhausted and desperate to get the decorations down and the house back to normal!

However, it really doesn’t need to be this way.  Believe it or not, it is possible for the entire family to enjoy the holidays peacefully and happily.

Use these five tips to make this Christmas the best one yet:

1. Organise

Good organisation will be the key to keeping life as stress free as possible during the Christmas period.  Make yourself a checklist, including as many members of the family as possible (see more about delegation later) to make sure nothing gets forgotten.  If you are expecting visitors, make sure the sleeping arrangements are sorted well in advance, and that you have enough sleeping bags, pillows and blankets.  Get your Christmas cards posted as early as possible, and generally try to take care of all the little jobs well in advance of the day itself.

2. Take Control

Everyone has different wants, needs and expectations, and Christmas is no different to any other time when it comes to trying to keep everyone happy.  The best way to manage expectations is to be assertive, take control and set expectations early.  

For example, every year I am expected to cook at least 50 mince pies and sausage rolls for my sister’s annual Christmas party, which she holds on the 23rd December.  This is in addition to working full time, looking after 3 young children and organising my own Christmas events.  This year I decided I wasn’t going to do this.  I firmly, but politely told my sister I wouldn’t be able to cater for her and had prior arrangements for the night itself.  She was understandably disappointed, but has had enough time to organise something else and soon got over it!

3.  Give yourself a little treat or two

The fact of the matter is that Christmas probably wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for you.  There is no point worrying about it, that’s just how it is, and secretly you enjoy the challenge of it all…don’t you?  Make sure you give yourself a little quality time and a few treats to make the whole thing a little more bearable – a pedicure or luxurious facial will do wonders for your energy levels.

4. Communicate

Be honest with what you want and let your loved ones know.  Be realistic about how much you can achieve and let them know that as well.  Anything that doesn’t get done by you can be picked up by someone else, or maybe it’s just not that important.

5. Delegate

Give everyone a job and make them stick to it.  Get someone to set the table, bring out the dishes, clear the plates, and clear away wrapping paper.  Write a rota and pin it somewhere central if this helps avoid arguments.

Final Word

Ok so the roast potatoes were hard, you forgot that your husband disliked sprouts and you bought your mother-in-law the wrong DVD.  A week from now none of these things will matter, so keep things in perspective and remember the most important thing is sharing your time and love with the people that matter the most to you.  Remember to have fun!

This article was written by Kathryn Thompson, a UK based freelance writer with three young children who will be reading these tips religiously to make sure she survives the Christmas period.  If all else fails, she will be booking a post Christmas break using Bluestone Promo Codes to recover from the event.


  1. Good tips! I totally think I deserve a pedicure, so I may just go ahead and book one SOON.

    1. You should look for some black Friday deals nearby! There's a spa here I really like that is selling massages at half off!


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