Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Kids Watch Too Much TV

The culprits.

I have something to admit. My kids watch too much TV. It’s not something I’m proud of, but there it is. Between school work, blogging, and cooking/cleaning, the TV seems to almost always be on. I mean, we play outside a lot, we’re involved in an active playgroup, we go to the zoo and things like that, but still, it seems to always be on.

I am relatively strict about what they watch however. Although some shows are just plain annoying, others are weird and questionable for the age group. You know those Disney teeny bopper shows? Yeah, none of that, too much attitude. Or Kipper? That show could be used to as a form of torture! I wanted to smack my husband when he told me he let Miss M watch My Little Pony. Not the kind-of-weird, old school, 80s ponies, but the new one. It may be ok for older kids, but my 2 year old doesn’t need to watch that.

Mostly we just watch Netflix and Hulu. We have a lot of movies downloaded but the kids like their shows too. My son is a big Fresh Beat Band fan. Although we live in military housing and have free cable we haven’t hooked it up. When I think of cable I think of being ten and totally jealous of my friend down the street who could watch Cartoon Network all day long. I think of all the commercials, the toys, and sugary cereal that I don’t want my kids to see.

Well, apparently, I’m living in the past. A friend of mine with a daughter Miss M’s age has Comcast Xfinity. Did you know that with On Demand you can record shows and save them to watch later? When we go over to play the kids love to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while my friend and I make lunch. For a while I thought she just had Netflix too, but then I realized you can’t get that show on Netflix. She was using On Demand to save the show!

So, although the TV in my house is on way too often, at least I know that I’m in control of what’s on. Much more so than my parents ever were. Plus, now that I know how cool digital TV is I know I can sign up for my free cable and be able to record and save shows that I don’t mind my kids watching, all while skipping over commercials and those other annoying shows!

In the future I’d really like to work on less TV in the house. But I have a feeling that’s going to have to wait until I finish my Master’s degree :)

Although my kids totally watch too much TV, and I really would like to watch less of it, this post is a sponsored post. See that link up there for Comcast? I got paid to put that there, if that bothers you move along, or leave a comment, I love comments! I'm not an affiliate though, so if you click on it and go "wow I want to buy Comcast!" I'm not going to get anything for it. This has been a friendly disclaimer from Eight Days a Week :)

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