Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Wonderful Walls Review & Giveaway {11/30}

My Wonderful Walls is a family owned, small business, that sells wall vinyls and stencil kits with the goal of making it easier for parents to create beautiful spaces for their children, even those with no creative or artistic talent! Michael Goins, father, husband and graphic designer, creates amazing stencil kits and wall vinyl kits that make decorating your little ones room as easy as 1-2-3! 

These unique and one of a kind nursery murals and wall decals are perfect for any home!

These are just some of the great products you can get at My Wonderful Walls!

Wall stickers from My Wonderful Walls are made with a Safe Cling fabric material. Safe Cling is easy to apply and easy to remove. Afraid to create a permanent change? Do you live in an apartment and worry about your security deposit? This is the product for you. These stickers go on easy, peel off easy, and can be maneuvered around! Perfect for people like me who can't make up their minds :D Plus the fabric gives the stickers a cool feel, my daughter loves to rub her hands on them!

I live in military housing, we just moved into a new house and we'll only be here for 2 more years. As much as I'd love to paint my kids rooms, I know that less than 2 years from now I'll be priming and repainting all over again! Wall vinyl stickers are the perfect answer. I can apply them to the walls safely, without having to worry about damage or paint!

I picked out a wall vinyl sticker kit for my daughters room. Her room was just so bare I couldn't stand it. When the Night Owl Wall Stickers came in the mail I was so excited! I put them up and let Miss M "help". The best part about these stickers? The Safe Cling material keeps the stickers from sticking to themselves. So when Miss M got excited and wrinkled a sticker, it didn't matter, it flattened out really nicely! Love it!

Her room turned out great. Miss M is so excited. Every day she talks about her stickers, the moon, clouds, and cat are her favorite. 

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I want to also say that the customer service at My Wonderful Walls is absolutely fantastic. You will get personal, first rate service from this company. They care about their customers and want to help you create the perfect space for your child. 

Is there anything I don't like? 

The Safe Cling is a double edged sword. The easy removal means that little fingers can pick and peel while you aren't looking. If your child is not one to listen to instructions, or is not old enough, I recommend keeping the stickers out of their reach. Miss M will be 3 next month, so she's old enough to understand what's ok and what isn't. She's also old enough to tattle on her little brother ;) We had a long talk while putting up the stickers that they aren't for playing with, just looking, she can touch them but not pick at them, and if she sees her brother try to peel them off then come get mommy! 

I really recommend My Wonderful Walls! This small, family owned business, makes high quality kids wall murals and decals at reasonable prices, and provide amazing customer service. You can't go wrong with that! 

Win it! 

One lucky reader will win a $100 gift card to My Wonderful Walls! This would make an amazing gift for someone special :) 

Use the Rafflecopter to enter. Giveaway ends November 28th 12:01 EST. Open to US, CAN, and Puerto Rico!

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  1. I would love to use the Fanciful fairies stencil kit to decorate my daughters room! They have some really unique stencils, thanks for sharing!

  2. The Forest wall sticker kit is my favourite.

  3. Fanciful fairies, i bet my daughter would go crazy for it :)

  4. I would love the undersea theme for a kids playroom

  5. Fanciful Fairies Stencil Kit – Self-adhesive stencils

  6. I would get the basketball wall stencil - my oldest son would love that!

    Samantha D
    dull2000 at cox dot net

  7. Spring Love Tree Wall Mural Sticker Kit

  8. The Forest Friends set is very cute and appropriate because we love to walk in the woods and the park!

  9. The Elegant elephant sticker is really unique. I think I'd go for a more mature design that would also work for my little girl's room.

  10. I would choose the Forest Friends sticker set. My daughter just got a quilt with this theme.

  11. I would buy a couple of the Jungle Safari wall murals :-)

  12. Jungle Safari Wall Sticker Kit, most definitely. That's the theme for my son's room!

  13. I would buy some of the banners! And probably some others for my son's room. He would probably want farm!

  14. Forest Wall Sticker Kit! The trees and the fox are so cute!

  15. Has a winner been chosen for this giveaway?

    1. I just got a response from the winner :) I'm sorry you didn't win!


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