Monday, November 5, 2012

Super Undies Nighttime Potty Training Pants Review

I actually received my Super Undies to review a few months ago, so they've had quite a while to make a good impression on me. They came at such a great time too. Miss M was potty training still, and she leaked almost every night.

super undies, nighttime, potty training, review

I had resorted to buying nighttime diapers, which I hated, but it seemed like no matter how much I stuffed my pockets or layered the bamboo she would leak! According to the Super Undies website a child can pee up to 16 oz at a time. Yep, that sounds about right!

super undies, nighttime, potty training, review
super undies, nighttime, potty training, review

I have to admit in the beginning there were a couple leaks. BUT they weren't huge dramatic leaks like we had with her regular diapers, most time I didn't even have to change the sheets. The Super Undies were soaked, so I knew they were working. As I got better at regulating her evening liquid intake though, and making sure she actually peed before bed, the leaks disappeared. The Super Undies were wet in the morning, but the sheets were dry!

Now Miss M is fully potty trained. I wake her up a couple hours after she goes to sleep to take her to the bathroom, and she's dry in the morning 90% of the time. Super Undies are still her favorite "special nighttime undies" though.

The wide waistband makes it easy for her to pull on and off by herself. Although the extra stuffing does make it a little difficult to get up over her butt, she figured it out after the first few tries :)

Why you should try Super Undies
  • 60 day warranty plus lifetime services free of charge!
  • Two separate soaker pads shorten drying time while increasing absorbency 
  • Super Undies are lined with wool to help stop leaks from occurring 
  • Super Undies offers a support system to help with any troubleshooting
  • Save money! Nighttime Super Undies go for $29.95 a piece, seem a little steep to you? Try $25/month for disposable diapers (that's what I was paying).
  • Super Undies are made in the U.S.A.!
  • Check out these videos about Super Undies for more info!
If you're looking for a cloth nighttime training system, I really have to recommend Super Undies. The fact that they have a call support center alone is a good reason, but all those other ones I mentioned above are good too :) 

I've been extremely satisfied in my experience with Super Undies and I'm definitely planning on purchasing a few for Mr. C when he's ready!

super undies, nighttime, potty training, review
Satisfied Customer.


  1. I didn't realize these were lined with wool. No wonder they work so good! I like that there are separate inserts to dry faster! I may have to get a pair of these. We have the pocket trainers from Super Undies and like them!

  2. Do you think the first few leeks might have had to do with the diapers needing some conditioning before they would fully absorbent?

    1. Kimberly that's a really great point! That is a definite possibility. Thank you for pointing that out :)

  3. Never heard of ones lined with wool....thanks for the review.

  4. These sound great! My little one is only 15 months old, but is the size of many 2-3 years olds, so I think we may need something like this soon.

  5. Super Undies sound amazing! I am going to check them out for my son :)


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