Monday, November 5, 2012

Thankvember Blog Hop Day 2-5

Homework got a little out of hand so I'm posting days 2-5 together in this one post and I'll work hard to be on track for the rest of the month! Even though I didn't post, every day I was thinking about what I was grateful for!

The Vagabond Studio

November 2nd: I've been doing a lot of  reading on the Industrial Revolution for my International Economy class. This day I was thankful I don't work in a garment factory in any place, in any time, and that my kids won't have to work in a factory either.

November 3rd: Mr. C woke up 3 AM on Saturday with a fever over 103. He went back to sleep pretty easily, and he was talking to me so I knew it wasn't too serious, but it's really the pits to wake up to your kids burning up. Last weekend Miss M threw up in the middle of the night, it was the first time she'd ever vomited and I felt so bad for her. Although everyone but me in the house was sick with at least a cold, on Saturday I was thankful for my health and the health of my children

November 4th: We recently moved into a really nice house. We got really lucky and were able to move in right away after we applied for it. (We're military and this is all base housing). Since we moved I haven't had much time to unpack, but Sunday I got a little bit done and it felt so good! The downstairs storage area is really big, Mr. Eight finally got some shelves up and I organized the heck out of them. On Sunday I was grateful for our new house!



  1. Stopping by from SAH CD Mama for Day #5!!! I'm super thankful that all of your homework is finished so you could catch up and we can find out more about you :)


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