Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thankvember Blog Hop Day 7

The Vagabond Studio, thankvember blog hop

I've had a really rough couple of days. I feel like the tradition of naming what you're grateful for every day is good practice for the rest of the year. It's hard to come up with something when you're feeling so negative. This practice forces you out of that negativity. 

Today I'm grateful that my husband is home with me. We're military, I'm surrounded by families who are missing a spouse that is deployed or training. Mr. Eight has never been deployed, but almost exactly a year ago he went to the East Coast for training. He was supposed to be gone for a month at the most, but he was gone for over four months. Every week I'd wait to hear if he'd make it back for Miss M's birthday, for Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day, our anniversary, but every week a little more time was added on. I'm not complaining about how long he was gone, (my neighbors husband is on a 13 month deployment and won't be back till January, he'll have missed two holiday seasons by the time he comes home!), it was the not knowing that sucked

Anyway, I'm in school full time, just like I was last year when he left, and single moms who go to school should be given big trophies and paraded around town. And if they work on top of that? Wow. I don't know, they should get their own planets or something. 

I started my graduate degree this semester, it's all online, and it's so hard. There is so much reading and extra research to do to keep up with my classmates. All of whom are careerists, lawyers, military officers, and government contractors. None of whom are moms. 

So today, as my husband walks in the door, home from work. I'm grateful that he's here, here for me to ditch the kids with when I need to write a paper or read a chapter :) 

This is a blog hop! That means that you can hop along with us, or hop around to see what others are grateful for! Every day I'll be talking about something I'm particularly thankful for, then posting it and linking it to this page where all my other posts can be found. 

Thanks for hopping with us!


  1. What a great thankful post. I know we are on day 8, but I may just have to do a recap and link up, after all most of mine are novels on FB anyway! LOL!

  2. That was a great post! I'm glad your hubby is back home with you.


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