Thursday, December 27, 2012

Just Another Magic Thursday - Flooded Laundry Room, Les Miserables, Turkish Get Ups

I had so many great plans for today. I was going to see Les Mis for the second time. I was going to deep clean the house with my new Melaleuca products. I was going to hit the gym and bust some chub off my ass.

Needless to say none of that happened.

First, I woke up to an unhappy Mr. C who, I guess, had been up all night with Dad while I enjoyed a full nights rest. Of course, that meant that Mr. Eight was ready to hit the sack as soon as I was crawling out of it at 7 this morning. So much for deep cleaning the house while Mr. Eight played with the kids.

I saw Les Mis Christmas night. Pretty much the best movie of my generation. Nothing will top this, I'm certain. Best movie of my lifetime.

I was really hoping to see it again with another friend during nap time, but after a less than successful morning with a clingy Mr. C, I decided to call off our plans. It was a good thing too when Mr. Eight suddenly got called into work just after noon.

Oh, why was my morning less than successful you ask? Why that would be because I FLOODED MY FREAKING LAUNDRY ROOM. /smh

This is the day I'm having. I immediately poured myself a vodka and cranberry juice (it was weak, you nay sayers). My procrastination saved my butt when the huge pile of blankets and laundry in the floor soaked up most of the mess. That didn't stop the water from leaking into the garage, the lanai, down the hallway, into the bathroom, and inching towards the living room. Thank god for tile floors.

The house is still a mess. I cancelled plans with my friend. And since Mr. Eight had to go to work the gym is a no-go. Oh, and I'm sure there's standing water under my washer and dryer.

In the meantime I looked up some workouts to inspire myself to workout later when hubz gets home. Ever heard of a Turkish Get-Up? I did a set of these at the gym this week and it kicked my ass, try it! If you Google it you'll see a lot of body builders pulling ridiculous stunts like this fine fellow, but it's also something that beginners can do. This is a pretty good step-by-step explanation of how to do it right. Like he says in the video, when you're using super low weights it'll be easy to skimp on form, but if you do build up to bigger weights you need to make sure you're doing it right.

I also found this Workout Builder on Might try using this next time.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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