Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year, New Circuits

You know what motivates me to workout? Watching how-to workout videos! I love scouring YouTube for new exercise and new trainers. New videos come out all the time, so there's always something to see! 

This time I discovered QuickieChick's YouTube channel. She's adorable! Check her out, she has makeup and dating advice, as well as quick, simple workouts to add to your daily routine. 

I get bored really easy when I'm working out. I find that the best way to keep myself motivated and engaged is by switching up my routine every time I go! Circuits are my favorite way to workout because you're burning more calories in a short amount of time. 30 minutes and you're golden. Perfect for on the go moms. 

Here's a list of new workouts I'll be adding to my circuit routine to spice it up a bit! Some of these were completely new to me so I included links to their how-to articles and videos. 

mid walk planks
upper body spinning in squat (She's doing it in a chair, but in kickboxing class we always did this one in a squat. Feel the burn!)
speed skating in place
mountain climbers
squat jumps
cardio scissors
Pink's ab workout routine
Hand walks

My New Year's Day routine will look like this: 

Kettle bell swings
Tricep curls
Speed skates
Mountain climbers
Cardio scissors
Upperbody spinning
Mid Walk Planks
Pink's ab workout

I don't normally go with a fixed number of reps. I kind of just start to do the exercise, then do 3 more reps past the time I feel like I want to stop. So if I get to 17 and my body says "omg I can't do this anymore!" then I push out 3 more and call it good. (That doesn't count if you're in pain, if something you are doing actually hurts in a bad way, then stop). 

I try to repeat circuits as many times as possible, but like I said, I get bored, which is why it's important for me to constantly change up my routine. 

Are any of the workouts I listed familiar to you? What kind of workout is your favorite? 


  1. Good for you. Best of luck with your new workout plan.


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