Wednesday, February 29, 2012

April iPad Frenzy Giveaway Event Blogger Sign Ups!

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The February frenzy iPad2 & Cash giveaway was such a success that we’re going to have another one in April!
- Event Dates: April 1 – 21, 2012
- Prize: iPad or $550 Cash (winner’s choice)
- Signup Fee: $11 for Facebook & Twitter (+ $2 for each additional link)
- $10 will go towards the prize and $1 admin fee will be used to cover advertising and the blogger referral prize
- Isis of Bay Area Mommy will be randomly selecting blogs where follow tasks will be hosted (Great for pageviews!)
- Giveaway will be open worldwide
To sign up:
- Send your $11 (+$2/addl link) signup fee to AS A GIFT or add $0.60 if sending as a service. Please write your blog’s name on the notes.
- Fill out the signup form HERE!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Enjoying the sand at Turtle Bay, Dec 2011

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To The Gym Tuesdays

So I realized tonight that being in Hawaii, I am way far behind the rest of the country. I grew up in Alaska so I'm used to it, but sometimes I forget. Because going to the gym on Tuesdays has been working out for me, I think I'm going to change my weekly meme to Wednesdays. So "To the Gym Tuesdays" starting from next week will be "Workin' Out Wednesdays" and I'll just tack it on with my Wordless Wednesday post. It doesn't really make a lot of sense but.. c'est la vie! So here is my last To the Gym Tuesdays post!

I finally made it to the gym! Yay! It was so busy though, I really need to find a new time to go. I stuck to the elliptical today, it's been a while but I did pretty good: 2 miles in about 18 minutes at a level 10. Worked up a good sweat. Then I did the assisted pull up/dip machine for a bit before heading outside. 

Since I'm preparing for the Warrior Dash I really want to stick to outdoor cardio as much as I can. I have no idea what the weather is going to be like on event day, but our cycle starts at 2PM so we can really expect anything, wind, rain, humidity, you never know in Hawaii! I did just under a mile outside, my legs were really feeling it from the elliptical! 

It probably wasn't the best workout I've ever done, but any day that I get out there and move I feel great! I feel so much better the rest of the day and I'm much more likely to make good choices during the evening!

Do You Stir Fry?

Are you a fan of stir fry? Stir fry in my house generally occurs when I have a container of leftover rice in the fridge, as well as some other random ingredients that need a meal plan to call home.

Last night it was broccoli, left over roasted cauliflower, leftover steamed rice, and Italian style turkey sausage. I stir fried the veggies and sausage in olive oil, added the rice, a little more olive oil and that was it! The kids really liked it and Miss M even ate some of the turkey sausage. 

The red on the side there is Sriracha sauce. I'm addicted to it! 

Do you stir fry?

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Daisy Mama Burp Cloths Up for Auction

If you've been admiring The Daisy Mama Designer Burp Cloths that are up for grabs right now then you're in luck! Emmys Razz A Ma Tazz is hosting a closed auction on her Facebook page for tons of handmade items, including Daisy Mama's Designer Burp Cloths! Bids start at $7 for a set of 4 and $4 for a set of 2. (A set of 4 is normally $12 and a set of 2 ranges from $7 to $10 on her Etsy page.) If you haven't entered my giveaway yet for The Daisy Mama Burp Cloths you enter it here.

Daisy Mama has made some adorable fitted diapers in honor of Mustache March!! You HAVE to see these. I love them! I will definitely be bidding on these tonight after the kids go down. I can't decide if I like "The English" or "The Handlebar" better... what do you think?

The English

The Handlebar

Aren't these amazing?? Starting bid is just $10!! The auction will close Wednesday the 29th at 8pm MST so get over there and make a bid!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekend Procrastination and Potty Training.. But No Fever!

Some of you may have seen on Friday my question related to Mr. C's high fever. Luckily it was short lived. This morning his temperature was around 100 but by the early evening it was gone completely. I just fed him and he's still fine, it's been maybe 12 hours since I gave him Tylenol last. Thank goodness that's over! I never did ear infections, fevers or bad colds with Miss M; I felt like a new mom again when Mr. C popped a fever three nights ago! What do I do?? I've been blessed with good neighbors and the internet though, so we made it through :) 

I have so much school work I should.. need to be doing right now, instead I'm writing this post about it! The irony! I just have no motivation whatsoever. This is my last semester, I'm graduating in May!, but these last two classes feel like such a waste of my valuable time. Plus the commute is really dragging on me, It's 20-30 minutes there, at least 20 minutes back, for a 50 minute class! That my professor is routinely late to! Plus $4 to $6 a day for parking.. ugh! I need some motivation! I have a midterm presentation on Monday on a paper I haven't even written yet (it may have been due 3 weeks ago..). Yikes. 

So. Potty training. A while ago I posted about the Great Regression. We're doing a little better. Today was good, she was dry for most of the day. There was an incident before nap time, but to her credit, she thought I had gone upstairs and went to go look for me and to use the bathroom upstairs by her room. When I went up there she was standing in the hallway looking very sad, with very wet pants.. there were puddles in her jelly shoes. At least she tried! She did poops on the potty this morning which was fabulous! I was so happy. She got a huge reward for it. Then this evening right before bed I was getting her undressed and noticed that she had peed a little in her trainer. She had just peed on the toilet not 20 minutes prior to that! Aaah! I sent her straight to bed after that. No books or songs. I felt bad but I want to make it a big deal, so that she knows it's not ok. 

But tomorrow is a new day! We got new Super Skivvies in the mail which means we got new stickers too (penguins!). I can't wait to show them to her (she calls penguins "pin-cones" ^.^). Hopefully that will get her excited again. I also put some new Dr. Seuss books in the bathroom as reading material for Miss M. Nothing like the Foot Book to get you peein'!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Aloha Friday #4

Welcome to Aloha Friday! It's a weekly blog event that started at An Island Life where I ask a simple question, answer it, then invite you to answer it also! 

It's been a little bit of a rough 24 hours for me. Mr. C has had a fairly high temperature since night before last, he's still playful but obviously doesn't feel good. Him and his sister have been fighting colds so I'm worried it could be an ear infection. I've never experienced high temperatures like this before, when he woke up this morning it had reached over 104 :(. A baby "burning up" is pretty disconcerting. I did go out to Target and stock up on acetaminophen and ibuprofen (and a new Braunn digital thermometer finally!) But I decided to wait it out and not call to make an appointment until this morning, just to see how he did over night. 

Today's questions is: How do you handle sick babies? Do you rush to the doctor or do you like to try care at home first?

Thanks for playing!

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Daisy Mama Designer Burp Cloths Review and Giveaway!

Here is a great gift idea for a new mom. Designer burp cloths! Burp cloths are an essential item for new babies. Everyone has to have them, why not make them cute? The Daisy Mama's designer burp cloths are made from prefold diapers, making them extra extra absorbent for that little spitter upper in your life. 

I loved using my burp cloths when Mr. C was younger and just learning the ways of eating. They are wide enough to cover my whole shoulder and my shoulder blade, keeping milky projectiles from landing on my shirt. (And you know your shirt needs all kinds of protecting from that little bundle of joy!) I enjoyed bringing these cloths out with me, I always received compliments on how cute they were.

Because they are made from prefolds, these burp cloths will last awhile, and their usefulness never ceases! They're great for any kind of spill, long after spit ups are a thing of the past. Like when they escape naked after bath time and pee as they crawl away ;)

I love the unique fabrics and patterns, they just look so cute stacked up on a shelf! Designer burp cloths make perfect baby shower gifts, or maybe just a gift for yourself and your little one ;)

Enter to win this set of two below or buy them here at The Daisy Mama's Etsy store. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Ok it's not exactly wordless but.. this is exactly how I felt running yesterday!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

To the Gym Tuesdays

I spent the entire drive home from school talking myself into going for a run. The best way, I find, is to run in the door, drop everything, put on my running shoes and go. If I think about it, I'll come up with a really good reason for why I shouldn't run (I'm good at that).

I haven't run in a while. I was doing really good at the end of last summer and into the fall, but since Mr. Eight has been gone and I've been trying to focus on school, running has dropped to the wayside. Plus, my favorite running buddy (the friend I'm doing the Warrior Dash with), is deployed right now. But she comes back in a week and a half and it'll be go go go until the Dash! I told myself if I was going to do it then I was going to train for it.. err at least get off my butt a few days a week..

Since the Warrior Dash is a 5K (just over 3 miles), I decided I'd better start with at least 2 miles today, then build up from there until the event. So that's just what I did, 2 miles. It wasn't pretty. But I did it. I feel pretty good about it too, like I really deserve the Subway sandwich I'm going to have as soon as I'm done with this post! (Not really though, I had a donut this morning shhhh).

Running outside can be a lot different than running on the treadmill at the gym, but there are things I like about it infinitely better. I feel more accomplished after a run outside. It was super windy today, and when it wasn't windy it was just hot. The wind makes for good resistance training, so I know I'm getting a little better of a workout than just plain running on a treadmill.

Also, when I start to slow down I like to make deals with myself (I'm not crazy). "Ok, pick up the pace and get to that tree, as soon as you get to that tree you can speed walk". Then I'll pick another point to where my speed walk will end and I'll have to get moving again. It's good for speed training too, random sprinting is a lot easier when you don't have to push a button and wait for the machine. I do it the same way as when I want to take a break, I pick an object in the distance (car, tree, playground) and sprint to it, then keep moving but take it easy for a minute and go again.  Makes the run a lot more interesting!

Are you a fan of the treadmill or do you enjoy running outside?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Pinterest Wrap Up #3

Welcome to another edition of Sunday Pinterest Wrap Up, where I give you my favorite pins from this week over a number of categories. Don't forget to follow me on Pinterest at the top of the page! Don't know what Pinterest is or want to check it out? Pinterest is invite only so leave me a comment letting me know you want it and I'll send you an invite. Thanks for reading!

So Hungry! Cheesy mushroom pull apart bread.. say it with me.. cheesy mushroom pull apart bread. Also known as love! I can’t wait to try this one! I was worried the recipe would call for cream of mushroom soup or something canned, but it’s fresh ingredients all the way. Let me know if you try it!

Home Decor I absolutely love this idea! It’s quick, simple and easy to play around with. Change the colors, or maybe even add some small circle mirrors, you know the ones I’m talking about?? How great would that look mixed in with the gold! Check out the tutorial here. Looks like she’s opened her own Etsy shop too, so if you don’t want to make it you can buy it!

Organize All The Things! I’ve been a little obsessive about reorganizing my kitchen cabinets this week. So when I saw this I got really excited. I HATE pot lids! They don’t stack, they don’t sit nicely, they just fall all over the place! Whoever thought of curtain rods is a certified genius. Definitely will be doing this one!

Fashionista I saw this one a while ago and I’ve been waiting to put it up. This dress is soooo cute. There are some really great fabric websites out there with tons of prints to choose from. I could really go crazy here! Here is the tutorial, it’s really well done!

Get Off the Couch We don’t all have the luxury of a gym membership, or nice weather, or nice traffic! That’s why it’s important to have a backup plan, a workout that can be performed in your living room. I suggest printing this off or writing it down, then pin it up on your wall for quick reference!

Fun With the Kids I really want to try this one for Miss M. Easy to put together, easy to clean up, what’s not to like? And a pencil case is a great idea for storing this fun toy! Find the tutorial here!

Why Didn't I Think of That? Spring is in the air! Ok, I live in Hawaii, it’s always spring like here. I don’t know what’s in the air anywhere else, but I am sending Hawaiian weather vibes your way! No matter where you live though, it’s time to start planning your garden! Running out of room on the ground? No matter! Go up! Here is a great hanging garden! Check out the original site, it has some other great ideas!

Easter Eggs I have been seeing so many Easter pins! St. Patty's Day isn't even here yet, you guys are as bad as the department stores putting up Christmas in October ;) I am seriously excited to start decorating for the warm holidays though! So I thought I'd celebrate by adding yet another category.. Easter Eggs! Here is a great one I saw yesterday. Paint chip Easter garland! Genius! Simple and easy. I can’t wait to try this one. I think I’ll start decorating for Easter a little early this year :) Get the tutorial here.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Bread Machine White Bread Recipe

You have to try this bread! It's delicious! This is definitely going to be my go to white bread recipe. Try it! 

This is a recipe off of I took some advice from one of the comments and added a half teaspoon more salt. The loaf rose more than any of my other recipes, it was beautiful!

  • 1 cup warm water (make sure it's nice and warm!)
  • 2 tablespoons white sugar
  • 2 1/4 teaspoons bread machine yeast
  • 1/4 cup vegetable oil
  • 3 cups bread flour
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon salt

  • Place the water, sugar and yeast in the pan of the bread machine. Let the yeast dissolve and foam for 10 minutes. Add the oil, flour and salt to the yeast. Select Basic or White Bread setting, and press Start.

Put the water, sugar and bread machine yeast in the bread machine pan. Let the yeast dissolve and sit for 10 minutes. Add vegetable oil, flour and salt to the mix in the pan. Place in the bread machine, choose a Basic setting, 1-1 1/2 lbs.

Voila! A beautiful loaf! I was a little nervous about this recipe because it does begin with the yeast in water, instead of ending with it away from the water like most recipes. As you can see it turned out just fine, it tasted amazing! 

Aloha Friday #3

Welcome to Aloha Friday! It's a weekly blog event that started at An Island Life where I ask a simple question, answer it, then invite you to answer it also! 

It was just Valentine's Day and I saw a lot of mixed reactions to the holiday on my Facebook page. Some giddily posted pictures of bouquets of flowers and red velvet cupcakes, others had romantic stories and declared how "amazing" their significant other was. Of course there were those who were completely nonplussed, some seemed to ignore it and others complained about Valentine's Day being a consumer driven holiday based on nothing. So this week's question is: How do you feel about Valentine's Day?

My answer: Mr. Eight is still on the mainland for training. Although we talk most days online we, unfortunately, did not get to talk on Valentine's Day. I'm normally not very big on the holiday, although the cheap candy the day after is nice! In the past we had ordered heart shaped pizzas from Papa Johns. I thought of ordering him one online this year to have delivered to him but I didn't know when he would be home (he works odd hours). As it turns out, he was going to do the same thing for me but didn't know if I was home either! Valentine's Fail! 

The kids and I did go to a small playdate a few days before though and made cards for our family.  I didn't make it to the post office until the 15th though... but it's the thought that counts!

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Seven Everyday Slings Gift Set Giveaway! (3/3)

It can be hard to feel pretty and fashionable when you are a mom! It's easy to lose your own style in the midst of cute baby patterns and pastels, but there is hope! Seven Everyday Slings makes coordinating a cinch with matching pouch sling, baby leg warmers and acrylic bracelet!


The Seven sling works for babies 0 months to toddlers, and can be worn on the front or on the hip (for older babies). There are no straps or clips, just slip on and go.

This giveaway is for a size Large Seven Everyday Slings Supernova gift set. Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter!

Potty Training Regression

I've been working on potty training Miss M for a little over a month now. She started off really well, in fact she did great! I couldn't believe how well it was going. Obviously from the title of the post you know this didn't last. This week has been terrible potty training wise. Last weekend I started reinforcing the basics, stickers and M&Ms for going on the potty, trying to go after every juice cup, all that jazz. Yet here we are on Thursday and she's only peed once on the toilet all day! She pooped twice in her trainer, peed in her swim diaper at a playdate while sitting in a chair, not in the water! So frustrating. 

I've noticed though that the only times she gets really upset about it is when she makes a big mess. When it's really noticeable from the outside that she's peed. For instance when she's wearing her Super Skivvies, which are more like underwear, or when she's sitting on a chair in her swimming suit and just starts peeing and it's running down the chair legs and pooling on the floor.. she sure noticed then! But when she's in a regular trainer (a cloth trainer), it just doesn't bother her anymore, she'll run around and keep playing and not even tell me that she's gone #2! 

So I decided that's it. I've had enough. I'm skipping school on Friday, and Monday is a holiday so I can stay home all weekend and really dedicate time to this. I'm going to battle! Armed with Super Skivvies, Gerber underwear my neighbor loaned me, a sticker chart and a couple Sham Wows. My goal is to really drive home that the only acceptable way to pee is on the potty! If she's upset when she pees elsewhere, and she gets rewarded for doing her business where she is supposed to, then I hope by Tuesday morning we'll have made some progress! Wish me luck!  

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

I don't like to do captions for Wordless Wednesday for obvious reasons, but some of you may not know what you're looking at here! That is a submarine coming out of Pearl Harbor and making a dive into Mamala Bay. This is from Hickam Beach on Hickam AFB, HI. 

For more WW, go here.

Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you Mommy to a Little Lady{bug} for giving me this award! 

When you receive this award there are 3 things that you are asked to do:
1. Thank the person who nominated you with a back link to their blog.
2. List 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 newly discovered or fondly followed blogs

7 things about me

1. I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska and look forward to going home someday.
2. I served in the Air Force for two years where I studied Chinese
3. I speak Chinese ;)
4. I am a student at UH Manoa and will be graduating this May!
5. Playground swings give me motion sickness.. even if I'm not the one on the swing.
6. I am a closet anime nerd.
7. My husband is my best friend, even if sometimes I want to knock him upside the head with my shoe <3

I award the following 15 blogs the Versatile Blogger award!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

To the Gym Tuesdays

Unfortunately it's only my second week doing To the Gym Tuesdays and I didn't actually make it to the gym. I was really looking forward to an elliptical workout, put my workout clothes on before class so I was all ready to go, but when I did a little jog in the parking lot I realized my head cold had gotten worse and the congestion was really hurting whenever I stepped. 

Instead I decided to go to hot yoga. If you don't know what I'm talking about read on! Hot yoga, or Bikram yoga, is usually a set of 26 moves done in a room heated to around 100 degrees F. It's generally very humid also. 

I'm no yogi, but I've gone to several classes and I absolutely love it. I'm a huge advocate for it's healing benefits. Two months ago I began having lower back pain, I couldn't bend over to change Mr. C's diaper without sharp pains causing me to quickly straighten up again. I wasn't going to be able to get a doctor's appointment for a couple weeks so I decided that in the mean time I would try hot yoga. I had gone only a couple times before that and I knew it helped with flexibility and back strength, there's a whole set of moves dedicated to spinal strength.

I went to three classes in four days and at the end of the third class I felt fabulous. I was standing straighter, my back no longer hurt and overall I just felt healthier and more fit. Now, I try to go as often as I can, and especially if I start to feel stiff. My shoulders have been bothering me this week so I was happy I got a chance to go today. I feel great!! 

Hot yoga has some other benefits, a lot of the moves promote health by way of massaging your organs, encouraging blood circulation and your endocrine (hormone) system, as well as helping you eliminate toxins in the body by way of sweat! And boy do you sweat! It is also relaxing and a great stress reliever! 

Make sure if you go that you are well hydrated. It is possible to practice hot yoga while breastfeeding but you may need to drink even more water to ensure your supply is safe. Also, because of the heat and humidity you are certain to sweat like a pig, so wear nylon and as little cotton as possible. I usually go in a pair of spandex shorts and a loose tank top. Don't be embarrassed about wearing a little spandex! I see people of all ages and sizes there and most of them wear very little, no one pays much mind. 

Disclaimer: Obviously I am not a doctor and going to yoga class with an injured back was my own personal decision. If you are planning on going you might want to talk to your doctor about it first. Be safe, make informed decisions and have fun!

Monday, February 13, 2012

bumGenius Freetime Diaper Review

Let me just start by saying how lucky I am that my neighbor routinely checks her Facebook during the day and is generous enough to let me know what is going on in the cloth diapering world while I am at school. Thank you!

A little over a week ago our local cloth diaper and natural baby store, Baby Awearness, advertised that they were looking for two people to do reviews for the new bumGenius Freetime diaper. My neighbor called them within minutes of their posting, and then I called within minutes of her telling me about it. That’s how dedicated we are!

(By the way, if you live on Oahu and are interested in cloth diapering or already cloth diaper and would like to actually go into a store and touch products rather than order online, go to Baby Awearness! It’s friendly, fun, the atmosphere is great and there is even a small area for the little ones to play. Besides cloth diapers they also sell carriers, local and handmade toys, hats, shirts and onesies, cloth diaper detergent and second hand clothes and small baby items. Go check them out!)

Here is the review.. 

This is my first official experience with bumGenius and I am really impressed. I have two children, ages 2 and 9 months, girl and boy respectively. The Freetime worked for both kids, meeting each of their needs.

The Run Down: The Freetime is an All-In-One One-Size diaper from bumGenius. The 3x3 snaps on the front allow you to adjust the diapers size from infant to toddler. The Freetime features bumGenius’s new patent pending butterfly closure system: the diaper has two inserts partially sewn in at the front and back of the diaper which can be folded or laid flat.


On the Job: My daughter often sleeps on her stomach with her butt up in the air and has a problem with pee running down her front. This had become such a problem that for almost a year I had been using disposables at night, so I was really hesitant when I put her down to sleep in the Freetime. I folded the insert attached to the front twice to help soak up any potential leaks and made sure it was on nice and tight. It worked great, no problems all night long! Wow!


I did pretty much the same for my son, except I only folded the front insert once. He still wakes up at night to eat so I changed him partway through the night. The diaper was wet, but not soaked, and his skin was dry. I usually use a prefold inside a pocket diaper at night for him, and although they are very absorbent, often when he wakes up his poor bum is wet and sticky. Even though I changed him half way through the night I feel that the diaper could have held on till morning.

Ease of use: Although it looks a little frightening at first, both my daycare provider who only has experience cloth diapering my children, and my neighbors sixteen year old daughter who helps me out on the weekends, were able to figure it out with little to no instruction.

I appreciate that the snap version has two rows across the top. If you are unfamiliar with snaps, they can easily come “untucked” at the hip if there is only one row. This also helped in getting a nice fit.

Nitty Gritty: I have to be honest, I was pretty worried about my first poop experience with this diaper, and I have to say I’m glad it was with my son and not my daughter. My daughter is notorious for messy, not so solid, poopsies; luckily she is potty training and only wears a diaper during nap time and bed time so we were able to skip a #2 with her. My son has poops that easily knock into the toilet, and with the Freetime I had no problems there with him. I would be concerned about big messes that need a lot of swishing, since the inserts are only partly attached it’s kind of difficult to maneuver without getting your hand mucked up.

What I love: The fit. This diaper is trim and fits beautifully on both my children who are built very differently. My toddler is a skinny mini and my son I lovingly refer to as “chunkers” and “ham hocks”. Yet the same diaper had a trim fit on both.

Because of the style of the inserts the Freetime dries completely in one cycle. Other AIOs can sometimes come out a little damp still but this was not the case with the Freetime.

Problems: I really don’t think there is anything wrong with this diaper, bumGenius knows their fluff! The only thing I can report is I don’t own a lot of velcro diapers, so when I put my two year old down for a nap in the Freetime velcro, with no pants on, I didn’t think much of it. She’s potty training and iffy about wearing diapers sometimes, so when I went back in an hour later she was passed out on her bed, naked butt, diaper on the floor. Obviously this isn’t the diapers fault!

There is also my worry of messy poops. I can definitely see a diaper sprayer coming in handy for a really dirty job. However, all kids are different and a lot of times it’s the breastmilk poop that is the messiest and that dissolves in water, so a cold wash would work just fine.

Overall impression: I really like this diaper! It fits nicely, it’s adjustable, dries quickly, and is versatile! For the level of performance the price is very reasonable. In fact, I think I’m going to go buy a couple more next paycheck! I would recommend this diaper to anyone who cloth diapers or is interested in it!

Super Skivvies Review

Potty training Miss M has brought me into a whole new world of cloth... the cloth trainer! I did not do any research at all before I started this adventure. Lucky for me my neighbor (Craftster Extraordinaire) did and she pointed me in the direction of Super Skivvies. Thank goodness for that! 

My order arrived in less than a week, which is a huge compliment coming from Honolulu, HI where you never know what's going to be stuck on a barge for two weeks. Almost as great as the Super Skivvies themselves were the free stickers! Stickers are a huge incentive for Miss M to use the toilet, so she was pretty excited!

As for the product, I absolutely loooooove these things. I want a pair for myself! They are comfortable and stretchy, and the patterns are adorable. I ordered a Small for Miss M who is just over 25 lbs. They fit really nicely, there's a lot of stretch so she'll be able to wear them for a while yet. 

Now, we are in the midst of potty training, which means accidents are to be had. BUT a bamboo insert tucked under the velour crotch (it's velour!!!) soaks up most of the mess. Now, don't let the word "most" there throw you off. What I like best about using the Super Skivvies over other trainers is that when Miss M does have an accident, she is acutely aware of it. One of the most frustrating things about potty training for me is when she goes in her trainer and then doesn't tell me! Not in her Super Skivvies though. There is no peeing in these and then continuing to run around the playground, if it happens she is immediately distressed and lets me know.

If you're thinking about potty training I really recommend the Super Skivvies. Check out their website for more details about the product as well as information and tips on potty training. Be sure to add them on Facebook too for updates and deals! 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Pinterest Wrap Up #2

Welcome to another edition of Sunday Pinterest Wrap Up, where I give you my favorite pins from this week over a number of categories. Don't forget to follow me on Pinterest at the top of the page! Don't know what Pinterest is or want to check it out? Pinterest is invite only so leave me a comment letting me know you want it and I'll send you an invite. Thanks for reading!

So Hungry! Last week's food of choice was pretty heavy in the calorie department so I thought I'd switch it up this week. I'm a big fan of Hungry Girl, she introduced me to tofu noodles and I could never thank her enough for that! I'm also a big fan of Chinese food though, and let's face it, there are no healthy choices when you're at a Chinese food restaurant! Luckily Hungry Girl has provided us with a 7 point sesame chicken recipe. Enjoy!

Home Decor Have you ordered your cookies yet? It's Girl Scout cookie season and my inside sources tell me that my cookies will be here by the end of the month! Were you a Girl Scout? I was, I loved selling cookies! In honor of cookie season I give you the no soliciting sign!

Organize All The Things! I am definitely giving this one a try. You know, I actually have this system going already, it's called my stairs haha! The stairs by the front door are holding small piles of things that need to go somewhere else. Will you try out the storage for transient items?

Fashionista I really, really like this look. It's simple and classy. Wearing a jacket during the day is a great way to convert a night piece into a day piece. This is the type of outfit I imagine myeslf wearing when I daydream about the life I will live after my children go away to college!

Get Off the Couch This is from the blog Healthy Living For You which has links to free streaming workout videos. I clicked through a few of them and the videos seemed to work and they looked useful! I can't wait to go back and try the 6 Pack Abs in 6 Moves! Yay for free workout video streaming!

Fun With the Kids I think Miss M is finally to the age when we can do these kinds of activities and I'm really excited about it! This one is an oldie but a goodie kind of classic. Melted crayons!

Why Didn't I Think of That? In honor of supporting Ellen and shopping at JCPenney's today, this week's Why Didn't I Think of That is dedicated to her. Let's all be kind, compassionate and follow the Golden Rule because it's a good idea!