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DeodoMom Review and Giveaway {11/19}

"Deodorant/Antiperspirant is the one product used by every adult, daily, and from early on and yet the popular commercial brands continue to contain some of the most harmful ingredients! Although public awareness and appetite for natural alternatives are constantly on the rise, there are not many deodorants on the market that are both “safe” and “effective”. Therein lies our value proposition: We specialize in a toxin-free and hypoallergenic deodorant for pregnant women, which of course is also suitable for any health-conscious person regardless of gender or age. The deodorant has no aluminum, alcohol, fragrance, dye, or parabens and is 100% vegan. And unlike most “natural” deodorants, it works!"

I have to say I am really loving my natural deodorants. I have a few and was really excited to add this one to the collection. DeodoMom offers a vegan alternative to commercial deodorants which contain harmful chemicals! The best part? The natural ones tend to work better than leading commercial products! 

That was the case for me with DeodoMom. I loved using the roll on or the cream (I'd never tried cream before and I found that I liked it a lot!). I only had to apply once in the morning and I was good for the day. As you might know I live in Hawaii and October is one of the hottest months of the year, so anytime I step out the door I pretty much immediately start sweating! 

deodomom, vegan, deodorant, review, giveaway

There is a lot that is not known about aluminum absorption in the body, like how it is affecting us, and what kind of dysfunctions it could be causing. However, there have been studies indicating that high levels of aluminum can lead to kidney shut down, and abnormal fetal development. You can read more about aluminum and the human body at the DeodoMom website

Although it has not been proven that aluminum can lead to medical problems, and parabens are still approved by the FDA, I like to play it safe and know that there is no chance what I am putting on my body is harmful in any way. If I get pregnant in the future, I know I will stick to natural cosmetics!

Be sure to follow DeodoMom and "like" them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to get a head start on the giveaway coming November 5th!

American Girl Doll Giveaway Numero Dos! Ends Black Friday! {11/23}

Celebrate 'The Little Girl' in all of us
with The Pitch List Members as we giveaway a

$150 Gift Card to

Your little girl will be enchanted with her own American Girl Doll! The American Girl brand encourages girls to live up to their full potential with inspiring stories of strength and determination. You can choose from historic dolls which will teach your little one about girlhood in that time period, or create your own doll, one that looks just like your little girl!

I loved playing with my American Girl doll when I was young, I have so many great memories with her! This year I'll be giving my doll to my daughter, and I can't wait for her to be as enchanted as I was! 

Enter to win using the Rafflecopter form below. 

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Pirate Booty Fluff Diaper Review

The next stocking for PBF is Friday, November 2nd, 2012 at 9PM EST! Also, I got a chance to interview Rogue Pirate herself. Check out what she had to say! (I can guarantee you'll laugh!)

A little about Pirate Booty Fluff:

Let me just start by saying that getting here, to this review, was a little bit of a journey for me. PBFs are not easy to get, I've tried my luck at 3 stockings now and boy these ladies are fast! Don't be deterred by the heavy competition though, it's a good sign the products are genuine, and the battle is half the fun! 

Pirate Booty Fluff, cloth diaper, review

I'd also like to, right off the bat, point out that I did NOT receive this diaper to review for free. I bought this diaper fair and square! That's how much I wanted to review it! 

A friend of mine shared the Pirate Booty Fluff Facebook page with me a while ago. Every time a new photo was shared or a stocking was scheduled we would start drooling. They are all so cute, and even from just looking at the pictures you can see the quality! When I first "liked" and started following PBF on Facebook the page had 600 followers, not it's boasting over 800! I was really impressed by these numbers because this is a shop that does not participate in blog reviews or giveaways, each and every like was completely organic! I loved it. 

If being called a wench offends you then move along! haha

The Facebook page is part of the experience. In the days leading up to a stocking you'll see the banter begin. Everyone speaks in Pirate, of course, and the playful threats are generally fun, and usually hilarious! Not to mention the corny Pirate jokes! "How much does a pirate pay to get his ears pierced?" ;) 

Hilarity aside, what you see the most of on the PBF Facebook page are action shots of scallywags in PBF "Poopdecks" showing off their booty. Every picture comes with a testament of how great the diaper is! 

Need another example of how coveted these Pirate Poopdecks are? A recent auction saw a one-of-a-kind, PBF Pocket/AIO go for $114!! Wowza! 

Pirate Booty Fluff, cloth diaper, review
This one-of-a-kind auctioned diaper sold for $114 at Pirate Booty Fluff!

My Review:

I was blessed with a custom AIO pocket diaper. I chose a Neverland print (because Peter Pan is my favorite story). Pirate Booty Fluff has a super quick turn around time as well, so you won't be disappointed there. Customs are finished in no more than 2 weeks and immediately shipped out!

As soon as I held the diaper I could feel the quality. Even the PUL is thicker, sturdier, and the inner liner is fabulously soft and comfortable. When I am old and withering I want to wear PBF instead of Depends!

pirate booty fluff, diaper, cloth diaper, review

The Pocket/AIO features a sewn in soaker, as well as a snap in booster, perfect for heavy wetters and boys! I love this style because it is so versatile. At nap time and at night I can stuff it with extra inserts to increase the absorbency. 

The inner liner is made of a Heavy Bamboo fleece. The difference between the heavy bamboo and regular bamboo fleece is extraordinary, it's super thick and soft! The soaker and booster are also made of heavy bamboo, meaning increased absorbency, while still being relatively trim. 

In addition to the snap down rise of the OS diaper, there are two rows of snaps at the top, meaning a better fit whether your scally has chunky or thin thighs. 

pirate booty fluff, diaper, cloth diaper, custome, pocket, aio, review, neverland, peter pan

I love everything about this diaper! The coordinating snap colors, the craftsmanship, the sewing, the quality of the natural fibers and PUL used brings together one of the best made diapers I've ever purchased!

You can follow Pirate Booty Fluff on their Facebook page, check out the Pirate Booty Fluff Hyena Cart shop, and be sure to keep an eye out for the next stocking which will be this Friday, November 2nd, 2012 at 9PM EST

Although it is not required for me to disclaim anything here I would like to note that I purchased this diaper with my own money and was not compensated in any way, financially or otherwise, to write this post. I just happen to love this diaper so much I wanted to review it! 

Interview With Pirate Booty Fluff's Rogue Pirate!

An interview with the Rogue Pirate herself! Meet the Captain at the helm of Pirate Booty Fluff! Be sure to follow on Facebook and check out the Hyena Cart shop! The next stocking will be this Friday, November 2nd, 2012 at 9PM EST!

You have to be fast if you want one! Follow PBF on Facebook for stocking details!
PBF has also introduced a new product line that can be found under the Blackstorm Shoppe tab in the Hyena Cart store. Blackstorm Shoppe is stocked by Freddi Blackstorm herself! Rogue Pirate's piratey sister! Yarrrgh! Be sure to check it out!

Custom Nursing Cover. Just $15 in the Blackstorm Shoppe! Cute!
The Rogue Pirate was kind enough to let me ask a few questions without keel hauling me :)

How old is your oldest baby? He is 5 almost 6

Have you cloth diapered from the get go or did you start later? How were you introduced to it? I started on my second when he was about 18 months, but only at night. I was tired of him peeing through everything every single night. I had a few friends that cloth diapered and I was interested in the cost savings and the idea of less laundry! I asked on the Cloth Diapering board on BBC what would be the best route to go for night time on the cheap. I was told prefolds and covers. I didn't know covers like the ones I make now existed and thought they meant plastic pants!! You should have seen his face that first night! He had two premium prefolds shoved into plastic pants!! he was HUGE!! He tried walking and then would stop and look down, punch his crotch and burst out laughing. But guess what? No leaks!

When did you start making your own diapers? What made you start selling them? I made a couple very rough fitteds out of flannel not too long after I first started cding, but didn't really make anything after that. I really started digging into the sewing when my youngest Scallywag was born. I started cding him after the first 4 weeks or so. We started off with mostly aios, prefolds, covers and hemp fitteds in his nb stash. Once he started out growing that, we started with some pockets and that is when the rashes started. His skin would get flaming red after a wet diaper no matter how often I changed him. It just kept getting worse. I had never heard of a synthetic sensitivity, so I just kept trying to fix the rash. I tried more air time, just prefolds, fitteds, and changing often. But I still had synthetics in the rotation. We ended up with a nasty yeast rash that took a LONG time to figure out. Around that same time I was finding out about synthetic allergies and I immediately knew that was what we had. So I started destashing and rebuilding with all natural diapers. I really liked Grovia's but they were too small and he grew out of OS really fast. I like BGEs, but they wore out so fast and I didn't like the way the sewn in part kind of "balled-up" and never laid flat. Then I started searching WAHMs for what I wanted and could NOT find natural fibers aside from fitteds! AND I was never fast enough for a Chelory. So, I started thinking that maybe I could create what I felt would be the "perfect diaper" for my scalawag. I started botching things and wasting materials right away. I was awful! lol! I had never learned to sew (never wanted to) and I didn't know what I was doing, but I was DETERMINED. The more I tried, the more things started to come together. Selling was never a goal. Having fun and building a stash was, but then I hit that point where I had created something I was very satisfied with and confident in and my family encouraged me to try to open up shop. I was also very interested in offering to other mommas in my position, a cute, trim, pocket or pocket/aio in natural fibers; something I could never find. So I did, and here we are.

Did you think your diapers would be this popular? NO. A Big FAT NO. I am completely humbled and in awe of how loved my little poop catchers have become. When I watch things fly off the shelf, I just shake my head and think, " if they could just see me!" I am just a normal wench! grubby hair, jeans, t-shirt, a messy house, and the most adorable rotten little scallywags *I* have ever seen. It is such an honor everytime I see an action shot or hear that something that *I* have made fits a "hard to fit" scally. I also like to hear when Mateys approve. Thats like the ultimate stamp of approval, ya know?

What is it like to know that hundreds of moms are reading your Facebook posts, waiting for the next stocking? Haha. I think hundreds might be a bit much, but again, it's very very humbling and amazing to me.

Where would you like to see your shop go in the future? Would you like to stay small or grow larger? I think i would like to stay smallish. I want to get more efficient, and produce a few more each stocking, but I want to be the one who makes them. I want to be the one who pours the creativity and care into them. I TRULY enjoy it. If I stay smallish, I can still have the fun banter with my wenches on fb and I can continue to provide excellent customer service.

Why the pirate theme matey? I like pirates! lol. They are fun-loving, cutthroat, adventurous, and fearless. Besides, if I am going to sit behind a serger and a sewing machine like an old lady each night, I sure as heck am going to spice it up and put my mark on what I make. They stand out a little in a stash, no?

Last question: Is your Facebook language set to Pirate? I DO have it set to pirate on and off. I am not experienced with Facebook, so when I had it in pirate language and needed to change something, I would get so lost. I am going to put it back to pirate right now!

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Ni Hao Kids - Free Color Flashcard Printables!

Free printables! 

This is my first time making printables so I hope I did it right :D 

These are color flashcards; they have the Chinese characters on top and the English word on the bottom. 

I didn't want to crowd it so I didn't include the Pinyin, so if you would like to know how to pronounce the Chinese refer to my first post :) 

You can print these out, cut the two set of words apart (I did two colors per page). I recommend printing them out on card stock and laminating them! 

Red Yellow
Orange Pink
Brown Purple
Blue Green
Black White

BluApple Review & Giveaway {11/7}

Bluapple Giveaway

This is something I'm really, really excited to share with you, and to offer a giveaway for, because this is a product that I know for sure is saving me money!

Let's face facts. I'm not super organized when it comes to food. I'm just not. I often buy double of things that are already in my pantry, and, sadly, I also let food (especially fruit and vegetables) spoil in the fridge. They sit, alone and cold in the crisper, waiting to be eaten, and that day just never comes! Cleaning out the fridge is gross because there is always something slimy and shameful in the drawer. YUCK! I hope some of you can relate with this, because otherwise I'll feel much worse about myself!

I jumped on the opportunity to review the BluApple! It was featured on The Doctors, where it was much acclaimed.

This is how it works:

Fruit and vegetables give off ethylene gas that promotes even ripening, however when locked away in the fridge, this gas concentrates and these foods ripen and spoil at an even quicker rate!

The BluApple absorbs the ethylene gas, prolonging the life of the food. One BluApple will last you about 3 months, and a year's supply runs at about $10 on Amazon. Pretty good deal!

So how did it shape up?

bluapple, review, fruit, vegetables, giveaway, fresh

Well, and this is admitting how bad I am about eating the fruits and veggies I buy, I had about 4 peaches in the fridge that I had purchased about 2 weeks ago. My BluApple was already in the crisper drawer when I added these peaches to the lot. The other day I get a peach out to feed to my kids, and I'm worried because I know they've been in there a while. You know what though? The peach is HARD. It hadn't even ripened much at all!! It was in there right next to the BluApple and the darn thing had hardly ripened!

I went ahead and cut it up for the kids, it tasted just fine, a little crunchy, but good. Less messy for the toddler :)

I pulled one out to stick on the counter and after a day it was perfectly ripened. WOW! I know that if I didn't have that BluApple in the fridge I would have had to thrown out moldy, fuzzy peaches. I know because I have before.

How about on the counter top? I don't know about where you live, but I feel like Hawaii bananas are weird. They ripen super fast on the counter, we're talking like 3 or 4 days and I'm set for banana bread. It's pretty bad. Put them in the fridge and they just get weird. So I put the BluApple underneath my bananas hanging on the bamboo hanger on the counter.

bluapple, review, giveaway, food, produce, fresh

I was so impressed. After a whole 7 DAYS the bananas were still edible! They had some brown spots, but they weren't black. Huge improvement!

I love my BluApples. They save me money, time, and the effort of cleaning out the fridge! Plus I feel better about not wasting food, something I always felt pretty bad about.

I can't recommend them enough! These are so affordable, everyone needs one!

Here is your chance to win! Not 1, not 2, not 3, but 20 WINNERS will be chosen! Each winner will receive a 2 pack of BluApples! Nice!

Use the Rafflecopter below to enter, and hop around to the other blogs to see pictures and testimonies from other reviewers!

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DISCLAIMER: No purchase is necessary to enter. Void where prohibited by law. The odds of winning are based on the number of entries received. This promotion is no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook and is Facebook-compliant. Winners will be notified by email from a ‘Pitch List ‘ Blog. Winners will have 36 hours to respond or risk forfeiting their prize. Prize fulfillment is the sole responsibility of the sponsor. This blogs participating may not be held liable for Sponsors who do not fulfill prize shipments.

Wordless Wednesday 10/24

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Rod Stewart Merry Christmas, Baby CD Giveaway! {10/25}

Yes,Christmas has come early!!!
 “Merry Christmas, Baby”
Rod is joined by Cee Lo Green, Michael Buble, 
Mary J.Blige,and Ella Fitzgerald for some of the best Christmas music in town!

New and Old make-up this great selection of 16 tunes...
White Christmas
We Three Kings
Silent Night
Merry Christmas, Baby
Have Yourself a Merry Christmas
What are You Doing New Year's Eve......and More!

Mark your calendar .... you will not want to miss Rod Stewart's live  performance on Home Shopping Network HSN 
on Friday October 26th 
at 8pm est. 
Prior to the HSN Live Concert, 
there will be a special pre-show with stream live on HSN's Facebook page at 7:30pm est. 
Check out the exclusive behind-the-scenes access 
as Rod prepares to take the stage. 
Check out all the info Here.

Reserve your copy of  
“Merry Christmas, Baby” on 
iTunes | Amazon | HSN
Goes on Sale October 30th at your local store

Would you like to Win a copy of 
“Merry Christmas, Baby” by Rod Stewart?
One Lucky Winner will Win 
Merry Christmas, Baby CD 
Giveaway starts Monday, October 22nd at 12:01am est and will 
End on Thursday, October 25th at 11:59pm est.
One winner per household, email address or home address. If you have won this prize on another blog you are ineligible to win again.
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Teach Your Kids a Foreign Language With Early Lingo! Review & Giveaway {11/1}

I can't tell you how excited I am to bring you this giveaway! I absolutely LOVE this series for my kids! I actually owned a few of these DVDs before I contacted Early Lingo about working with them in my Ni Hao Kids series. They're great!

Early Lingo was designed by Caryn Antonini, a graduate of Georgetown University School of Language and Linguistics. As a new mom, she wanted something to use to help her child reap all the benefits of learning a foreign language, but soon found there was nothing effective on the market. So of course she made her own!

Early Lingo is fun, simple, and captivating. My kids love the two characters, Jo Jo and Lu Lu, as well as the live action shots mixed with cartoons. The series uses native speakers who clearly pronounce the words and repeat them several times. Early Lingo uses a total immersion method, so there is no translation. The images on the screen are very effective at conveying meaning. 

My kids love watching Jo Jo and Lu Lu. Miss M will repeat almost every word said during the video, especially when I repeat them with her. There are several words that I know for certain she picked up from these DVDs! 

Totally enthralled!

The Early Lingo series has won several awards including Parent Tested Parent Approved.

Early Lingo offers programs in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Mandarin Chinese. Parts 1-6 are now available, and we can look forward for parts 7-12 soon! 

Here is a clip from Colors and Shapes at the Park! Check out their YouTube channel for tons of clips of other DVDs in all of the languages offered!

Win It!: One lucky reader will win the Mandarin Chinese version of Colors and Shapes at the Park! A $20 value!! 

Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. Giveaway ends November 1st at midnight EST. US only. Must be 18+ to enter. Good luck! 

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Learn More About Essential Oils From doTERRA - Review & Giveaway! {10/31}

I've always been interested in essential oils, but have never taken the opportunity to explore their uses or read up on their benefits. Up until now I had no experience using them, but just after a week I'm hooked! I LOVE these oils! I've used them every day since they came in the mail, and I fully intend to get more!

doTERRA is a great company that produces high quality essential oils. Did you know that not all essential oils are made the same? Many companies that claim to produce therapeutic grade essential oils are in fact using synthetic chemicals! However, at doTERRA, the essential oils are guaranteed to be 100% pure, natural essential oils with no trace of synthetic chemicals: Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.

I was given two oils to review: lemon and lavender. I was really excited about both because I am really interested in natural household cleaning, and I have been really stressed out lately and I know that lavender has some great properties to combat stress. 

Lemon has some amazing properties. I just love the way that lemons smell! In an effort to help lose weight and live healthier I've been drinking a lot of lemon water. Turns out you can use Lemon essential oil the same way! It works great as a detox and body cleanser! 

Here are my favorite ways to use my Lemon essential oil: 

Place a few drops of the Lemon oil on your forearm, then rub your forearms together. Hold your arms up and give them a big whiff! MMM! Really perks you up! (I like to do this when I'm falling asleep doing homework ;) ) 

The other way I have enjoyed using my Lemon oil this week is by using it as a disinfectant and air purifier. Add a few drops to a spray bottle with a cup of water, give it a shake and spray! I've been walking around the house spraying it on door knobs and remote controls. You wouldn't believe how strong just 3 drops can smell! 

According to doTERRA, Lavender is the "Swiss Army Knife" of essential oils. It has so many uses! If you are interested in just trying one oil to see if you like it I recommend this one. Lavender is calming and relieves stress, it can relieve cat allergies, acne, scars, boost the immune system while fighting infection... the list goes on! 

My favorite way for using Lavender essential oil this week? doTERRA recommends putting a few drops of Lavender on the back of your hands and on the tips of your hair, creating a calming atmosphere that surrounds you. This will turn you into a walking diffuser, with the potential to calm the situation around you. Perfect for a stressful  meeting with your boss, right?? 

Aren't essential oils great? There are so many ways you can incorporate them into your daily routine. A lot of what I learned about them came from this Free E-Course on Essential Oils

Check out doTERRA on Facebook and Twitter
Now to the good part! 

Three lucky readers will win doTERRA Essential Oils! 

First Prize: "Nature's Emergency Kit on A Keychain" Take your essential oils with you in this nifty little pouch containing 8 5/8 dram vials of various oils! Like a natural first aid kit, this keychain pouch contains oils to be used for indigestion, allergies, fever, cuts, burns and more!

Second and Third Prizes: 5mL vial of Wild Orange Essential Oil 

Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter and hop around to read the review of different essential oils by Pitch List members! Giveaway ends 10/31 at midnight EST! Good luck!

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Disclaimer: NOTE: The advice shared in this document has not been evaluated by the FDA. The products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease, nor is it intended to replace proper medical help. Kindly understand that essential oils work to help to bring the body into balance - thus helping the body's natural defenses to restore homeostasis. Essential oils are not used to "treat" medical problems.

Wordless Wednesday 10/17

Hawaiian Cuties. 

Link up below!

NuWave Oven Giveaway {10/30}

Enter to win a NuWave Oven

This is an amazing system that cooks food quickly, in a healthy way, while using 85% less energy than a conventional oven!

Faster cook times while using less energy?! AMAZING!

Check out these fabulous recipes other Pitch List members have made using their NuWave Ovens! Anything you can make in a conventional oven, you can cook in a NuWave!

Enter to win a NuWave Oven of your own using the Rafflecopter below! 

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Workout Log 10/15 - Procrastination and Setting Goals

It's been 2 weeks since my last workout log. Somebody slap my wrist, I've been procrastinating! Not just in the workout department either. I've been having a really hard time keeping up with my school work. Online classes aren't more convenient in my opinion, they just involve a whole new world of problems and irritations. I've been telling myself no blogging, no working out until you get your school work done!

But you know what? 

I don't get it done. And then NOTHING gets done! 

Obviously this approach is not doing me any good. 

My friend recently linked to a site with a list of articles pertaining to goal setting and procrastination. Exercising and school are two areas that I relate to the most when it comes to "putting it off". After reading a few of these articles I've learned a couple things. 

I need to actually put my goals into words and then layout a plan to achieve them. You know, the good old fashioned way. And what better place to do that than my blog? :) 

The second thing I learned is that our will power is like a muscle. It has a limited amount of energy, but the more often we use it the stronger it gets! 

So, here are the goals I'm laying out for myself, as well as simple solutions to how I'm going to get there. 

Goal = Lose 10 lbs


  • Exercise 3 to 4 times a week
  • Drink at least 50 oz of water a day, minimize soda intake
  • Double the amount of vegetables and fruits I eat every day

Easy! Right? 

Probably not. 

But there it is. That's my goal and how I'm going to achieve it! 

This past week I worked out only twice. I did Bob's Inside Out Yoga workout, and I went for a bike ride. 

That bike ride was the most intense thing I've accomplished since I graduated basic training in 2007. I don't even think child birth compares to that bike ride. The only reason I made it home and didn't fall off into a ditch was because Calvin was on the back and he had fallen asleep. 

This is obviously not a picture of him on the back of a bicycle, but look how cute he is sleeping! He looked just like that but with a big ol' helmet on his head!

Mom's will go to all kinds of trouble in order to avoid waking up a sleeping babe ;)