Friday, December 27, 2013

Whole30 Results, The Day After, and Two Months Later

I'm finally getting around to posting my Whole30 Results. Yes, it was two months ago, but I figure better late than never. I may eventually post our Halloween costumes from this year too, who knows. :)

So, Whole30 results. The last day was a little rough. I didn't have much food in the house, nothing prepared. I could taste victory and it was really hard not to run out and get a pizza. I ended up just not eating much that day. 

I was extremely happy with my weigh in that morning, however. Overall, from start to finish I lost a grand total of.... 15 lbs! I was so excited and I felt amazing.

Now, the Whole30 program has a 4 day plan to reintroduce foods slowly into your diet, mostly so you can see how these foods affect you. I definitely did not do this. I probably should have, but I didn't. 

The first day after I completed Whole30 was Halloween. I did a lot of last minute sewing all day, we had Costco pizza for lunch, and Halloween candy for dinner. I drank soda, ate tons of sugar, and a huge amount of carbs. None of it tasted that great, not even the Costco pizza which is my favorite, but I ate it anyway. 

That was Day 1 off Whole30. Day 2 was what I can only describe as a FOOD HANGOVER. It was terrible. And horrible. It was horrible and terrible. I felt disgusting, sluggish, bloated, and achy. I had a headache the likes of which I'd never had. My whole body rebelled. 

If you're planning on doing a Whole30, or are currently doing one, my advice to you is: Be smart, continue to eat well and follow the reintroduction plan after the 30 days are up, or you'll regret it!

Am I glad I did Whole30?

Yes! I learned so much about food and how it affects me everyday. I know what it feels like to be satiated and full. When I start to feel crappy or have a headache, my immediate thought is "What did I eat today or yesterday? How much water have I had in the last 24 hours?" and then begin to counteract with healthier foods and water. 

Follow Up Two Months Later

It's been almost a full two months since I finished my first Whole30. I've gained back about half of what I lost. Am I disappointed with that? Nope! If I'm going to gain weight over the holidays then I'd rather have lost weight first to begin with. Imagine if I hadn't done Whole30 in October, then instead of being 7 and a half pounds below what I was October 1st, I could be 7 and a half pounds heavier! Yikes! I'm thinking October is a fantastic time to do a Whole30 and I'll do it again next year too. 

Speaking of which, I think it's time to do it again! What better way to bring in the New Year? I want to set the tone for the rest of the year. 2014 is going to be busy and stressful for my family and I, so I'd like to get a head start on creating healthy habits, so when the hard days hit later in the year, I'll be ready.

I'd love if some of my readers would join me in doing Whole30 in January. I'll have a post up soon inviting everyone to participate! 

If you have any questions please leave them below! You can find the rest of my Whole30 experience here, or by clicking the tab at the top of the page labeled Whole30. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Ornament Exchange Spotlight - Crocheted Snowflakes!

I had a great time hosting my first Facebook Ornament Exchange this year. It was so much fun to see my crafty and non-crafty friends alike bust out some sweet ornaments! I can't wait to do it again next year, I definitely see this becoming an annual tradition ;) 

Looking for an idea for a handmade ornament? If you know your way around a crochet hook this may be perfect for you! 

These beauties were made by my mom. There are tons of free snowflake patterns on the internet, just do a Google search. Or start here at for 11 free patterns!
Tip from my mom: When you spray the stiffener on to the snowflake, sprinkle some iridescent glitter over them to make them sparkle. Makes a huge difference in the finished product! 

I'll be posting more ornaments from this years exchange, so stay tuned!

Follow my Ornament Exchange board on Pinterest for more ideas!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Fun - Facebook Ornament Exchange!

This year, to get in the holiday spirit, I decided to host an Ornament Exchange on Facebook! The idea was everyone would be assigned one person to make an ornament for, Secret Santa style, so you didn't know who was making you your ornament until you received it. I started a Facebook Event back in November, making it easy to contact everyone involved all at once. As ornaments were received, my friends posted pictures of them and said thanks. 

Top two reasons to host an Ornament Exchange on Facebook? 

1. Get involved with friends and family far away that you may not normally interact with (other than liking their photos and posts). 

2. See you non-crafty friends realize just how crafty they can be! I didn't see any ugly ornaments, no matter how many of my friends complained they didn't have a crafty bone in their body :) 

Tips for hosting a Facebook Ornament Exchange! 

1. Advertise early, let your friends know before Thanksgiving that you're hosting an exchange. Invite everyone, even people you haven't talked to in a while, or are not sure would like to be involved. 

2. Start a Facebook Event. This is an easy way to contact everyone all at once, give updates, send out reminders, and share photos and thanks with later on!

3. Use to set up your Exchange. Post a link to the Exchange on your Facebook event so people can join up. Elfster will match up people, and email them to let them know who they'll be making an ornament for. The website will share shipping info, as well as send email updates to remind folks when the deadline is approaching! As the host you'll be able to manage the exchange and will be able to see who has drawn what name. 

4. Make the deadline earlier than necessary. I made my Exchange deadline December 10th, this was the date ornaments were to be mailed on. Did I really expect everyone to have their ornaments in the mail by that day? No. I had friends with finals, friends who are procrastinators, friends who experienced a death in their family, all kinds of reasons why their ornaments didn't get mailed on time. Making an early deadline encourages everyone to have their ornaments made, but plenty of time to mail them. 

5. Update often. Check in on your event and see how people are doing and ask how their ornaments are coming along. The whole point of the Exchange is to bring people together, so make sure you're interacting with them! 

6. Make a Pinterest board and invite your friends to pin to it. Sharing a board on Pinterest is a great way to share ideas with each other. In November, Pinterest is littered with handmade ornament ideas. Everything from super duper Martha Stewart ornaments to preschool style  (like those adorable clothes pin reindeer). This is especially important for your non crafty friends. Most of these pins feature step by step instructions and who doesn't need that every now and then? 

I'll be posting pictures of ornaments my friends made this week, so check back for some easy handmade ornaments made by real people!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ornament Exchange Signups!

Have you ever participated in an ornament exchange?? It's tons of fun! When you do one online it's even better. You connect with people all over the country and share in the joy of the holiday season! See below how you can sign up!

Looking for a great and fun way to give and receive something homemade this year!  Join Crunchy Farm Baby's Second Annual Homemade Ornament Exchange!

The only thing better than giving something handmade during the holidays is receiving something handmade!  If you agree, join Crunchy Farm Baby in their second annual Homemade Ornament Exchange!  We're going to be running this in November to make sure that all ornaments can be made and received in time to enjoy them during the whole "tree season" and to get everything shipped out before the holidays get too crazy.

Deadline to sign up is November 26th, so hurry on over to join!  Participation is completely free and none of your personal information will be given out.

**BONUS:** There is a referral prize for whomever refers the most people to participate, so make sure you write down the name of this blog when you sign up, and SHARE SHARE SHARE to have people write down your name!  The winner will receive an additional homemade ornament by Leah, owner of Crunchy Farm Baby.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wordless Wednesday 10/30/2013

Happy Hump Day!

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Whole30 Days 27 & 28

I'm so close to the end I can taste it! You know what it tastes like? 
Buttered popcorn! 

Seriously my cravings these last few days are way worse than they've been all month. It might have something to do with the fact that I'm really anticipating going to see Ender's Game on November 1st and I know I'm going to load up on buttery popcorn and red vines! 

Things I've done to beat back the cravings: 

  • Snacking on almonds and raisins
  • Drinking iced coffee and almond milk (I keep a pot of coffee in the fridge, every morning I pour myself a glass, then add ice and almond milk. Yum!)
  • Drinking a LOT of water. I constantly have a water bottle with me. Of course I'm constantly running to the bathroom to pee as well, but, what're you gonna do?..

My favorite dinner this week? Taco salad! 

Taco salad is a big favorite in my house. I ate a lot of it growing up. Of course some of the main ingredients such as tortilla chips and kidney beans are out, but the most important things are still in! Lettuce, ground beef, olives, ranch dressing.. 

Yes! Ranch dressing! For some of the best paleo ranch I've found, try this recipe here at CupcakesOMG. This stuff has saved my life. I love this on my salad! Try it with red lettuce, chopped chicken, and apple. Mmm! I haven't been able to find fresh dill for the life of me, so try dried parsley instead, it's worked pretty good for me!

Weight loss update: 

I've reached my first short term goal! Twelve pounds down and I'm sittin pretty at 179.5! Woohoo! 

Looking forward to finishing this up and posting all my results. I need to look for a good before picture too...

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Whole30 Days 22-24

I'm on the home stretch! 

So excited to be nearly done. This Whole30 experience has been amazing, but man do I want some buttered popcorn! November 1st you will find me at the movie theater with a big bag of buttered popcorn watching Ender's Game. Hope it doesn't make me sick.. 

So far I'm down 11 pounds! I'm hitting the gym this week and working hard to lose just 1 more. Twelve pounds will put me back in the 170s and I'm pretty stoked about that. 

My clothes are definitely feeling a lot looser, and overall I feel great. I can tell that even when I haven't had enough sleep I still function better during the day. We've had a couple sick kids the last few days, so sleep has been elusive. 

I did cheat a little bit this weekend, but I have to say I don't feel guilty at all. How did I cheat exactly? Well I attended a Mom's Night Out at a friend's house entitled "Just Desserts"... 

and I brought banana ice cream! 

Amidst the chocolate molten lava cake and creme caramel, everyone who tried it said they were really surprised at how good it was! 

I made three flavors, chocolate, blackberry, aaaaaaaand PUMPKIN! 

The pumpkin was by far my favorite. I'll post a recipe soon, but basically I just added 100% canned pumpkin to the banana ice cream. 

Another yummy recipe I don't have a picture for is a quick cajun shrimp with roasted broccoli and bell peppers. 

Stir fry frozen, cooked shrimp in olive oil and season with your favorite spices. I used a bottle of Perfect Pinch Cajun seasoning. Not too bad! 

Roast broccoli and bell peppers in olive oil at 425 degrees for 30 minutes. Toss half way through. 

Mix everything together and devour. I had this for lunch and dinner yesterday. Heated up really well! 

Other things I've made that I'll be posting soon: ketchup, mayo, and ranch dressing.

I swear this ranch dressing has changed my life. More on that tomorrrow! 

Whole30 Week 3

I've gotten a little behind on my updates so I'm going to sum up Week 3 in one post, don't worry, it wasn't very eventful ;) 

I have a quick recipe to share, so scroll on down for that if that's what you're interested in! 

Week 3 is known for being a little rough in the digestive department. A lot of the nasty bacteria that has been living in your gut for who knows how long is now taking it's grand exit, only it's not so grand. Aside from a little constipation followed by a couple days of diarrhea it wasn't horrible. 

Everyone is different though so be prepared! 

The other side effect I felt during Week 3 was moodiness. I was super short tempered with the kids and a lot more impatient than normal. This probably lasted the 3 days right in the middle of Week 3, but by the last few days of the week it had passed. 

Breakfast was getting a little old for me, so I decided to try something new. Here's a quick and easy recipe for any time of the day. The best part is my 3 year old thought these were pretty great too!

Cinnamon Carrot Sticks in Coconut Oil

carrots, coconut oil, recipe, cinnamon, whole30, breakfast

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Peel and slice whole carrots (baby carrots are easier but I found they weren't as sweet).
Cover a baking pan (cake pan works fine too) with foil, drizzle coconut oil over the foil. 
Toss the carrots around in the oil with a spatula until covered. 
Sprinkle carrots with cinnamon.
Bake at 375 for 15 minutes, toss, then bake for another 15 minutes. 

They get all caramelized and yummy. 

Next time I'm trying them with a little cayenne to go with the cinnamon. I love sweet and spicy! Mmmmmmm. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Whole30 Days 8-11

Things are moving along smoothly. No major cravings and I've lost more weight. Hurray! 

There are a bajillion (sp?) Whole 30 blogs out there, but I came across one I liked and thought I would share it. It's purely a daily Whole 30 log, nothing more. Very cut and dry, with some recipes, tips, and general updates. You can find it here at Russ and Amy's Whole 30 Journey.

I followed one of Amy's tips and decided to try an egg casserole as a quick, microwave-able breakfast. Turns out I ate the last piece before I could take a picture. Guess I'll have to make another ;) 

This is a base recipe you can really play with, which happens to be perfect for Whole 30 because you don't have to worry about eating the same thing every morning. Switch it up a few times during the month! 

1 dozen eggs
Seasoned meat (ex. turkey sausage (mild or hot), taco seasoned ground beef, turkey, or chicken)
two big handfulls of spinach
other goodies of your choice: chopped bell peppers, hot peppers, mushrooms, onions, sweet potato...

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
Grease an 8x8 baking dish with something Whole 30 approved, like coconut oil. (This would work equally well in a 9x9 pan.)
Cook the meat on the stove, then add spinach. Mix it a bit and let it get wilty. 
Pour meat and spinach mixture into baking dish.
In a bowl, scramble a dozen eggs. 
Pour eggs over meat and spinach in baking dish. 

Bake for 35 minutes. Check center for doneness. You shouldn't have any egg whites glopping about.

Take it out. Let it sit a few while you get your fork out. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Whole30 Days 4-7

I felt a lot better the last half of Week 1. A lot less groggy, and, as long as I got enough sleep, I had more energy too than the first few days. 

I'm also starting to get into the swing of it. Giving the kids snacks I couldn't touch isn't so hard. Plus, I tried my hand at a few recipes to spice things up a bit! The key for success seems to be changing up recipes and keeping it as flavorful as possible. 

I'm a big sandwich person. It's my go to comfort food (who doesn't like soup and a sandwich?), it's easy, quick, and of course there are tons of varieties! It's pretty hard to mess up a sandwich. 

Obviously I'm not eating sandwiches this month. :(

BUT, I happen to feel that lettuce really does make a nice substitute for bread and even tortillas! 

Not only are they tasty, but they are super easy to throw together. Maybe I'm just lucky but my kids will eat them too, even the 2 year old. 

Take ground turkey/beef/chicken, salsa, olives, peppers, and wrap it in lettuce! Or try shrimp and salsa for a shrimp taco! Yum! 

Tuna or egg salad is also fantastic when wrapped in lettuce. Just gotta get that home made mayo down first ;) 

The Clothes Makes the Girl has a pretty good how-to video for the paleo mayo, but a quick Google search will give you a lot of recipes, variations, and videos. Just be sure all the ingredients are Whole30 A-Okay.

Around Day 4 I also tried homemade salsa. Not just any salsa either, pineapple salsa! I used to get pineapple and mango salsa at Trader Joe's when we lived in MD and I have to say this is even better. It was so crisp, cool, and fresh! I think it was all the cucumber. 

whole 30, pineapple salsa

Living in Hawaii has given me a lot of pineapple cutting practice, so I'm pretty quick at it. I can get through a whole one in less than ten minutes, including removing all the poky eyes. But if it's available, pre-cut pineapple is good too :) 

NomNomPaleo has a great Whole30 pineapple salsa recipe!

Check for more Whole30 update posts!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Whole30 Days 1-3

I'm not gonna lie, the beginning is rough. 

For three days, every time I picked up the fork to put food in my mouth I would double check. Is this ok? Is this Whole30 compliant? 

I remember reading in It Starts With Food about people claiming to have dreams they were eating unhealthy food and actually woke up feeling guilty! Crazy right? Yeah, totally happened to me. I dreamed I was eating chips and salsa with a friend and woke up the next day in a kind of panic. Was that real? Did that really happen? Kinda felt like a crazy person. 

For me, one of the most difficult obstacles in the first few days, was remembering to not pick off the kids snacks. Normally I hand them a bowl of pretzels, and skim one off the top, or eat a spoonful of peanut butter while I'm making PB&Js. Doing the Whole30 with kids is definitely a test on your will power. For the most part they are eating what I'm eating, but I've found in this first week that it's almost impossible to keep them on a Whole30 diet too. 


Day 1: So tired. Still trying to figure out what I could eat, what I couldn't eat. I skimmed through It Starts With Food, and the website, then did all my grocery shopping. (The day before the government shutdown at the commissary, what a nightmare.) Not a lot of cravings.

Day 2: Extremely groggy. The kids would ask me questions and I would just repeat their questions without answering. I could hardly comprehend anything, and driving and talking at the same time was out of the question. Also very tired. Yawned all day. 

Day 3: I was worried the grogginess would last but it didn't. I got some extra sleep and felt a lot better this day. Still had to remind myself not to pick at the kids snacks.

What I Ate

  • A lot of eggs. I love eggs so this isn't a big deal. I'm sure I'll get sick of them soon enough, but not yet. Plus, the kids love eggs, so I can easily cook for all of us. Omlettes are a favorite in my house, as are eggs over easy. 

  • A lot of meat. I like all kinds of food, but I'm a big meat eater. I can do vegetarian meals just fine, but I was pretty stoked when I discovered bacon was Whole30 compliant. The first three days I had bacon, turkey sausage, and ham steak with my breakfast. 

  • Avocado. I love the taste and it helps keep you full. Plus, it goes well with anything; breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

  • Almonds. My neighbor tipped me off that this was her go to snack and I have to say it is a fab idea. Yummy almonds with sea salt right after a meal to top you off and get you by until the next one. 

You technically aren't supposed to weigh yourself during the program, but I knew that this wasn't just about weight loss for me, so when I woke up on Day 3 and couldn't help but notice that I felt thinner I couldn't help myself. 

3 lbs down in 3 days. Huge motivator.

Just remember, it's different for everyone, so if you don't think you can handle seeing that you've gained weight or have lost any at all, then stay off the scale! 

Check back here for more posts on my Whole30 experience!

Doing the Whole30

It's been a little bit of a rough year. I feel like it's gone by astonishingly fast. Like unbelievably fast. I'm already making Halloween costumes for crying out loud. It's crazy! 

Needless to say, I'm sure some of you can relate, but all those secondary things like health, nutrition, and fitness got pushed to the sidelines this year. I'm sure some of you can relate. 

The kids and I spent the whole month of August in Alaska visiting my family. I worked part time while I was there, and when I wasn't working we were running around taking the kids out places. I think I put on at least ten pounds while I was there. No joke, it was bad. 

Not long after getting back to Hawaii I ran into one of my neighbors. She looked great! I could tell she had lost weight since I'd seen her a month before and she looked not only thinner, but healthy and happy. She told me she'd done the Whole30 program during the month of August while I was away. I had never heard of it before, but was immediately intrigued as soon as she began explaining the premise of the idea. Eat clean, paleo-ish, food for one month, give up all sweeteners (artificial or otherwise), and come out the other side looking and feeling fantastic. 

I'm not going to go into a big explanation here about what Whole30 is. Check out their website, and the book It Starts With Food (not a paid link), for more info on what this is all about. 

I'm currently at the end of the first week, and I feel like it's important to me to share my experience here for others. There's a whole forum on their website you can check out, and tons of other bloggers have written about their Whole30s, but the more accounts the better. The more people claiming it's worked, it's great, have at it, the more others may actually put the effort in and do it. 

I'm going to share my favorite recipes, cooking ideas, and inspirations here, as well as a rundown of how it's affected my body and mood. 

I hope you check back to see how it goes! I feel like October is a good month to start. My last day is October 30th, so at least I can have a little treat on Halloween :) 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wordless Wednesday + Trip Update

Our trip is going great so far, but I don't have any Internet! I'm trying to get my dad hooked up with a wireless Internet router but so far we aren't having a lot of luck.

He's using DSL still and I feel like I'm banging two rocks together and trying to get an Internet connection!

I have some great shots to share but until I can get some webs you'll have to live with the couple I have on my phone.

Miss M is the star of the show this week!

Since I'm on my phone no linky either. Sorry! 

I'm actually on my phone at the red hot chili peppers concert. I'll post pics of that next week! 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July Workout Diary - Getting Ready to Head Home

The kids and I are heading back to my home state of Alaska in 9 days! I'm super excited to see family and friends, and to ditch my kids with the grandparents ;) 

That's actually what it looks like :) 

It's been 3 years since the last time I was home. Miss M was 9 months old, and I think I was pregnant with Mr. C but I just didn't know it yet. So of course my family who hasn't had a chance to visit us here in Hawaii are very excited to meet him. 

We'll be staying for a whole month, the longest I'll have been home since leaving for basic training back in 2007. Wow! Those six years really seemed to fly by. It was six years exactly on the 4th of July this month, and I can't believe it! 

Going home, of course, means seeing friends I haven't seen in ages, and I want to look good! So this month I've really been trying to focus on working out and ditching the junk food. 

Have I been successful you ask? Err...

Hey, at least I'm trying! 

Here's a look at what I've been doing to tone up and drop a couple pounds before we leave. 

Back in April I posted about Mark Lauren's Body by You workout plan. I had a lot of success with it but totally dropped the ball after Mr. Eight began having gall bladder attacks and eventually was admitted to the hospital to have it removed. What a nightmare.

This month, when I was ready to pick the ball back up again, I decided to just go with the more difficult workout plan featured in his first book, You Are Your Own Gym. I actually just follow the workouts on the app, which I love! 

Check out the app, it's available on Android and iPhone. The app is completely free and even comes with a free video pack of Mark Lauren performing each exercise with descriptions on how to do them. FREE!

I'm not sure if I've made any progress on the scale, or even with the measuring tape, but I do know that I feel stronger and better about myself. That's what's important right?

I noticed this week that my core is really weak (I'm blaming the kids), and that's seriously got to change. I saw this article from FitSugar in my BlogLovin' feed today and I think I'm going to add it in a few days a week! 

Looks pretty killer.

Have you been working out this month? Need some inspiration? Either way, let me know, I want to hear about it!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wordless Wednesday July 24th


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DIY Photo and Font Wood Transfer or Cute Little Soap Sign For My Bathroom

This is one of those projects that's been sitting around my house waiting to be finished. I began it months ago, set it down, and didn't pick it up again. It's been sitting in the living room collecting dust for ages. I'm surprised my kids haven't destroyed it now that I think of it!

wood transfer, photo, font, words, bird, bathroom, decor, diy, handmade

This project is a combination of photo to wood transfer and font to wood transfer. Plus some painting.

I apologize in advance for not having photos of the whole process! 

I started with a plain piece of wood from the craft section at Wal Mart. I painted it white with craft paint and sanded the edges a little to wear it down. 

Next, I found this cute image at The Graphics Fairy, saved it to a USB stick and took it to Office Max to have it printed. Follow the directions at Photojojo to transfer the picture to the wood.

For this step you need:

  • Laser printed photo (hence the trip to Office Max)
  • Matte gel medium (I found this on Amazon, my craft store didn't carry it)
  • Mod Podge 
The font to wood transfer is a little easier. Pick out a font you like, I forget which free font I used here (sorry! It was months ago, shoot me) but you can find a million free fonts online to choose from

  • Print it out in the size you need for your project.

  • Turn the paper over and color over the area you want to transfer to the wood with a lead pencil. I wanted to paint the letters, so I simply traced the font. Hold the paper up to the window if you have trouble seeing the print. 

  • Flip it back over again so you're looking at the printed side. Tape the paper to your wood piece and use a pen or pencil to outline the font again from printed side. Check after a letter or two to make sure your transfer is working.

  • When you're finished, remove the paper and the tape carefully.

  • Pick out some lovely craft paint and use a small brush to paint in the letters. 
wood transfer, photo, font, words, bird, bathroom, decor, diy, handmade

wood transfer, photo, font, words, bird, bathroom, decor, diy, handmade

You're finished! 

I think this little guy is going to hang in my bathroom.

I'll share it hanging on the wall once I've finished organizing it. 

There are so many cool graphics at the The Graphics Fairy! Look around on the site and see what inspires you!

If you liked this project, check out my Beach Access font transfer board I made for my bathroom! It's actually a Christmas decoration disguised as beachy bathroom decor, shh!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

DIY Totoro Sharpie Mug

Where are my Totoro fans at? This one is for you! 

totoro, mug, handmade, diy, art, craft, gift, sharpie, dishwasher safe

If you have no idea what or who Totoro is..well, I don't know what to tell you. It's a classic Hayao Miyazaki film, which means it's kinda weird, devoid of most plot, yet enchanting and beautiful! 

I've been planning this Totoro mug for months, and it wasn't until I saw my previous Sharpie Mug Tutorial linked on a Harry Potter subreddit page that I decided it was time to bust it out. 

I'm going to take a moment here to share the amazing piece of mug art (is that a new niche?) that this person made. Harry Potter fans get ready to drool! 

harry potter, grim, cup, mug, tea, sharpie, diy

I found this cute Totoro art by JoshikoseiSnak on DeviantArt and decided it was the perfect size for a coffee mug. 

totoro, deviantart, art, draw, diy, how to, cup, mug, sharpie, gift

Cute, non? You can find it here.

Alright, let's get to it. 

totoro, mug, handmade, diy, art, craft, gift, sharpie, dishwasher safe

1. Print of the image you would like to use. Make sure it's the right size for the cup.

2. Cut out the image. Then cut out a piece of graphite paper the same size. 

totoro, mug, handmade, diy, art, craft, gift, sharpie, dishwasher safe

3. Place the image on top of the graphite paper and tape both to the mug where you want the image to appear. 

4. Use a pencil or pen to trace over the image, press firmly.

5. Carefully remove the image and graphite paper. Your image should be traced onto the cup. Go over the image with a Sharpie pen. (If you mess up, which you probably will, have some rubbing alcohol on hand. You can use a Q-Tip to make any small corrections. I didn't have any rubbing alcohol and used Goof-Off to completely remove a soot sprite I was unhappy with.)

totoro, mug, handmade, diy, art, craft, gift, sharpie, dishwasher safe

6. When you are finished tracing your image and adding any finishing touches, follow the instructions here to bake it. These instructions are for a dishwasher safe image, HOWEVER, I highly recommend hand washing only just to be safe. 

totoro, mug, handmade, diy, art, craft, gift, sharpie, dishwasher safe

7. Admire and brag! Also, share it here with me :) 

The Totoros I traced from the image above, but the soot sprites are my own. Aren't they adorable?? The soot sprites have always been my favorite. (I secretly want a soot sprite tattoo, shh!) 

totoro, mug, handmade, diy, art, craft, gift, sharpie, dishwasher safe

totoro, mug, handmade, diy, art, craft, gift, sharpie, dishwasher safe

Wouldn't this make a great gift for that Totoro lover in your life? 

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Monday, July 15, 2013

7 Simple and Sweet Summer Wreaths - Roundup!

It's full on summer and if you haven't gotten that wreath up yet now is the time! (That totally includes me by the way, I'm still rocking my Valentine's wreath LOL.) 

These wreaths are all so cute I can't decide which one I want to try. Check them out! 

Being stationed in Hawaii I was tickled to see this both adorable and frugal wreath at Fox Hollow Cottage! I may have to try this one first ;) 

On the other hand, this Burlap and Pinwheel wreath from the Happy Housie is adorable! 

I love this navy blue and yellow colors in this fun summer wreath from Christina's Adventures, especially that big flower!

Want some color to brighten your doorway? This Summer Rainbow wreath may be just what you're looking for! You can find it here at Wine and Glue.

You can never go wrong with a floral wreath, and this one from Uncommon Designs is gorgeous!

I had never even heard of Mod Melts until I saw this Mini Wreath tutorial at Happy Clippings. Mini wreath in a frame? CUTE!

Say hello to that summer sun with this simple and fun paper wreath from I Heart Nap Time!

Do you have a cute summer wreath adorning your door? Share it here! I'd love to see it!