Wednesday, January 2, 2013

After Christmas Loot!

Don't you love after Christmas sales? I was really worried this year because my local Kmart, Wal Mart, BX, and PX had all sold out Christmas decorations about 2 weeks before Christmas. It was nuts! There was nothing left except a few rolls of wrapping paper and $300 trees. Yikes! Where was I going to get my decor for next year?? 

Luckily Target had my back, I got tons of Christmas lights there, plus a few cute ornaments for the kids. The day I went everything was 50% off, but a friend said that a few days later it was at 75% off. I'm resisting going back.. but I'm not sure how long I can hold out! 

My big break came at the craft store though. If you're local on Oahu you've got two options in the craft store department, Ben Franklin's (the one off Nimitz is my favorite), or Craft Supply in Pearl City. Craft Supply is small but it's local and a lot friendlier and quieter than BF. I was there yesterday picking up some felt and was able to pick up a bundle of Christmas decorations for 75% off! SCORE! 

Don't you love after Christmas loot? I got this whole stash (including 3 1/2 yards of felt) for just $20! That ribbon was originally $7.99 and it was marked down to under $2! 

I received some really great advice from the sales associate there. She said a lot of people come in after Christmas and stock up on their decor, deciding on the color scheme and theme they'll use next year just a few days after Christmas is over. Genius! You could easily do this at Target since they seemed to have a ton of ornaments left over. You'll be a season behind in the Target Christmas decor styles, but if you pick out a few from there and a few from your local craft store you could really come up with something cute

Check out these cute rustic looking ornaments I picked up at Target! 

Did you see any good sales this year?

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