Sunday, January 6, 2013

Buying a New Bed

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We really, really, need to buy a new bed. It's not there is even anything wrong with it per se. Experts claim you should purchase a new mattress every 5-7 years, and in a couple months it will be only 4 years old. The problem lies in the size. We only have a queen mattress, and let me say that we should have graduated to a king size 2 children ago! 

I like sleeping alone with my husband in my own bed, but am also not opposed to co-sleeping when it's called for. Well it's been called for a few times this week, and let me tell you that sleeping with a 19 month old's feet between your shoulder blades, and his head between your husband's shoulder blades, while you both cling to opposite sides of the bed, is not a fun (or comfortable) way to sleep! 

Shopping for a new bed can be daunting. I've only done a little research and there seems to be so many things to consider, and so many things I didn't know! I always thought that a California King was the bigger and better bed, but did you know that a California King is actually 4 inches longer than a King size, while a regular King is 4 inches wider? I don't know about you, but I'm definitely more worried about how wide my bed is, not how long. 

I think the most important thing to do is decide what kind of bed you are looking for. Many stores and websites offer a variety of beds such as divans, sofa beds, children's mattresses, guest beds, and futons. Do some research and decide what is best for you. Be sure to read reviews and try out the bed if you have the opportunity! 

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