Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jelly Arms - Two Arm Workout Videos

I'm really feeling great right now. I have lots of motivation, I'm excited to workout everyday, and I'm doing WAY better in the eating department. I've lost a whole pound since last week! A couple days ago I also got a tad closer to my short-term goal of running 4 miles, I ran 3.6! (Without any music whatsoever I'd like to point out, stupid smartphone!)

I downloaded the app Noom, which I'll do a short review on to share with you. It's really helped me with my eating habits. I feel a lot of it is psychological, but nevertheless, it works! 

Today I was really looking forward to doing the P90X Arms & Shoulders workout. I used P90X to supplement my workout after I had Miss M and was trying to lose the extreme amount of weight I had gained. I liked being able to choose which workouts I wanted to do (like I said I was using them as a supplement), and I always looked forward to "Arms Days". It was like a day off! 

Unfortunately I couldn't find my copy of the workouts. So while I work on getting another set I looked online for something to do in the meantime. 

I found two 10 minute arm workouts on YouTube from Fit Sugar. I planned on doing both but after the Madonna workout my arms were all jellified! So much for doing push ups. 

These videos are definitely going in my weekly repertoire. I'm going to be taking some before pictures and in a month I'll check back and see if there's any visible difference. 

Here are the videos I found. Check them out! If you're a real beginner you may even want to consider using 3 lb weights when they call for 5, and no weights at all when she calls for 3. 

10 Minute Workout for Tank Top Arms

Madonna's Arms 10 Minute Workout

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