Monday, January 28, 2013

Mom's Advice - Working Out With Kids at Home

Finding time to exercise at home when you have kids has got to be one of the hardest things about being a mom. Sleepless nights, exhaustion, housework, errands, sick days, time outs, and just general stress all work against our motivation to get up and make time to burn calories. 

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photo by Jan de Graaf

For myself, it often comes down to something like "is the kitchen getting cleaned? or are my biceps getting a workout?". When I was in school it was even harder, I felt like I was constantly juggling three different things: schoolwork, housework, and exercise. You could always look at my kitchen, my grades, or my butt, to tell which ones had been let go the most that month. 

When I was pregnant with Miss M, my first, I gained a lot of weight. Naturally, after I gave birth, I really looked forward to losing all that extra baby fat. Any mom can tell you that working out with a newborn at home isn't easy, and when it's your first it's even harder, in my opinion. 

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Photo by Synergy by Jasmine

It's so easy to stress the little things with that first baby! I felt like I never let myself relax. When things didn't work out the way I planned I would be so frustrated it was hard to try again later. I had to tell myself to take a deep breath and just roll with the punches. If baby woke up early from nap time and I didn't get to finish my workout, it wasn't the end of the world. The important thing was to not stress out about it. When it comes to weight loss, stress is killer. 

It's true what they say about the second baby. Although juggling two has it's own obstacles, for the most part, you already know what you're doing. You know the tricks of the trade, how to get the baby to sleep, what diapers work best, which toys entertain the most. If I could go back and impart some golden advice on my old self, it would be to chill the heck out! 

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Photo by Ed Yourdon

So if you're having a hard time with motivation, or you're frustrated that you only made it through the first 30 minutes of P90X Kenpo when your 20 month old decided nap time was over (yeah, that was me today), remember to just let it go and try again tomorrow. Sometimes you get to do your ab workout; sometimes the dishes get done. Sometimes you get to do a fun craft with your kids; sometimes nothing goes your way

Just take a deep breath and roll with the punches. There's always tomorrow, and if it takes you a little longer to lose that weight it's not the end of the world. The important thing is to stay relaxed, happy, and stress free. 

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