Sunday, January 20, 2013

Quick Workout at the Playground

Really getting back into running this week and boy am I all over the place. Ran 2.5 mi on Monday and it was terrible! I felt awful. I was sluggish and tired, and I really believe the only thing that kept me going, and weaseled an extra sprint out of me was Zombies, Run! 

I held onto hope it was just an off day, and was rewarded on Wednesday when I ran 2.3 mi with Mr. C in the stroller. What an awesome run! I felt fantastic. I really could have kept going, and only stopped because he was getting ancy. We stopped at the playground and I did 2 sets of a quick workout (see below). That's how motivated I was! 

I wasn't satisfied though. I really wanted to break 3 miles. Tried again on Friday, yeah, no such luck. I did the same 2.3 mi distance, only this time I didn't have the stroller with me and it actually took longer for me to finish! Afterward I was tired and beat. (I blame it on Little Caesars and the soda I had the night before, not a good choice.)

Hopefully today I can get my act together and try again. Hydrated a lot more yesterday which should help immensely! 

Here is the workout I did at the playground with Mr. C. Kids love these kinds of workouts. My daughter is ecstatic whenever I start doing jumping jacks. 

Plus, playgrounds are great for things like incline push ups, there's always bars or benches around you can use!

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How many sets can you do? Don't be afraid to workout while your kids play, they'll probably get into it too!

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