Monday, February 18, 2013

Easy Toddler/Preschooler Spring Craft

toddler spring craft, thumbprint art

I've been seeing a lot of thumbprint art lately! There were so many cute heart thumbprint pins on Pinterest this month for Valentine's Day. (Although I have to admit, when I tried to make a heart it didn't really work out.) I decided to jump on the thumbprint bandwagon this afternoon during a spur of the moment marker fest with Miss M. 

Mr. C was taking a generous nap so Miss M and I got down to business with some markers. 

I love using his nap time as an opportunity to get out toys and crafts with Miss M that Mr. C just isn't ready for. Like markers. 

toddler spring craft, thumbprint art

I wish I had some pictures of her actually doing this, but it was all go go go, no time to grab the phone for cute shots! 

This was really easy to do. First, I let Miss M choose all the colors. We did yellow chicks on another page, but she decided we needed blue chicks. Who am I to argue the color of chicks? I colored all the tips of her fingers on one hand with the blue marker. (Did I mention I'm using washable Crayola markers here? Because I am!) 

I helped her to press down all her fingers and thumb onto the paper, by now she was a pro though, hardly needed my help! 

Again, I let her pick the colors of the eyes, beak, and legs. I drew those for her, though an older child probably wouldn't have a problem with this task. 

toddler spring craft, thumbprint art

Miss M wanted to write "Happy Chicks!" on top, but I put my foot down and wrote "Happy Spring!" instead. There are advantages to having an illiterate child, right?

Once again, since I was doing the leg work I let Miss M choose the color of each letter

And that's it! I had this cute frame laying around and decided to put it to use. I love looking at it from across the room. :) 

Learning opportunities! There are so many here! We've got colors, letters, shapes, animals. Miss M learned that a bird's beak is a nose and a mouth combined (mindboggling). Lots of good stuff here! Let me know if you've done this, do this, or do something similiar!

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