Monday, February 4, 2013

February is No Shampoo Month! (At Least for Me Anyway)

hair, no shampoo
Photo by avilasal

It's decided. For the month of February I will be going no shampoo! (I refuse to use the term no poo because it weirds me out, don't ask why). I literally just made this decision and I'm super excited about it. 

I haven't shared the pictures yet, but a few weeks ago I cut my hair to donate, for maybe the 4th or 5th time, I've lost count. I love my new hair cut, it's the shortest I've ever had. Now that it's more manageable I really want to give this soda and vinegar thing a go!

I'll share my daily experiences, the ups and downs, hopefully with some photos, and let you know how it all goes! 

Did you know that at the turn of the 20th century is was most common for women to go one month without washing their hair? According to Discovery Health, in 1908 an article was published in the New York Times advice column stating that shampooing ones hair every two weeks was acceptable. By the 1950s, most women visited a salon once a week for a shampoo and style. It would seem that home shampooing is a relatively new idea! 

If you're also jumping on the no shampoo bandwagon let me know! I'd love to hear feedback, ideas, and comments from you! 


  1. Hi, just found you blog from Twitter. I'm currently going 'no poo' (sorry I know you don't like that). I'm 22 days in so far. Are you just using the soda and vinegar? x

    1. Yes! Haha you can say no poo I just won't do it. Today is day 3 and I'm going to wash my hair again. How is it going for you? Are you using the same method?


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