Monday, February 11, 2013

No Shampoo - End of Week 1

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Sketch by Chewyli

You think Rapunzel washed her hair everyday?
I can't believe it's already been a week! I am loving No Shampoo. I have a feeling this will be something that lasts much longer than the month of February. It's so easy to do, super cheap, and my hair feels great. 

BUT it's only the end of the first week. Most people claim that around weeks 2-4 they experience a major oily spell. This is when your hair rebels from the lack of nasty chemical filled, natural oil stripping shampoo and conditioners. Your hair has been in overdrive making it's own natural oils to replace what commercial shampoos remove, that when you stop using those products your hair doesn't know what to think and it goes berserk making way more oil than it needs to! 

I'm hoping my own experience will be a little less dramatic, my hair is normally very long, and very thick. Washing it every day is a major pain, I hated it when I was a kid and didn't have the time after I became a mom. I honestly washed it maybe once or twice a week as it was. As I mentioned in my first post though, I recently cut my hair (I do this every few years to donate it). It's much more manageable now and I had been washing it a little more often. So we'll see what happens! 

I talked with Shai from The Vagabond Studio about all this and got some great advice. She's gone without shampoo for around two years now and loves it, she recommends it to all her friends! Shai has advice for curly hair gals like her, and tips on what can be used to replace things like styling gel and hair spray. Check out what she has to say!

Here's a little rundown of my first week.

I washed my hair last Monday, Thursday, and then again on Monday. So three times in the first week! 

The baking soda feels really strange the first couple times. It's so grainy and rough, and if your hair is thick like mine it can be difficult to get it all across your scalp. I recommend starting with a tablespoon in your hand, get it a little wet and scrub it in, then get a second tablespoon and scrub the areas you may have missed. 

The vinegar takes a little getting used to, I don't mind the smell, but some people do. I have a problem with the way ACV smells, so I've been using white vinegar and it's been working fine. Once my hair dries I can't smell it at all. 

So Week 1 was a success! Interested in changing up your regular shampoo regimen? Do you have experience with the baking soda method? Let me know! 

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