Monday, February 4, 2013

Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamps

I saw this on Pinterest last week (originally from Prudent Baby) and got really excited because I just happened to have several toilet paper rolls in my recycling bin in the kitchen. I pulled out a couple to save for craft time with Miss M. 

Creating a nice heart shape with your toilet paper roll is, of course, not as easy as it looks. It isn't that hard either though, just stick with it and have some tape ready. 

Get as good of a heart shape as you can manage, then use a piece of tape to secure it across the top. 

Easy as pie. 

Miss M had a great time stamping away. I had several sheets of card stock ready so when one page filled up, I whipped it out from under her mad stamping and offered her a fresh sheet. 

After laying them out to dry I decided they'd make beautiful Valentine's Day cards. The next day I folded them in half, wrote a message inside, and let her color away. 

I also took short videos of her drawing where she explained what she was drawing, for who, and why. This was my favorite part. I love hearing her voice her little imagination. She drew humpback whales, cat butts, as well as grandma and grandpa. Lovely. 

After these are in the mail I'll email the videos to the recipients with a note to watch after they have received their cards. I think grandma will get a kick out of the cat butts. 

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