Wednesday, March 6, 2013

5 Interior Design Trends for 2013 - Guest Post

Here is a guest post on interior design trends for this year. Enjoy!

5 Interior Design Trends for 2013

It’s difficult to keep up with what hot and what’s not in terms of interior decoration so here, we explore the few stand out trends to see you through the year. They range from inexpensive quick fixes right through to complete room overhauls, so have a read and see what takes your fancy. Good luck and enjoy!

Retro Botanicals

Whether it’s a chintzy print or large Orla Kiely style leaves, botanicals in any colour are a fail-safe route to a cool interior this year. Bringing the outdoors in gives any room a calm, contemporary feel whilst also not being overtly feminine, great examples of which can be seen in the amazing properties as seen on . Trees, leaves and flowers are all being integrated through wallpaper, cushions, light shades and bedding. It is even acceptable to clash prints to make a more vibrant and fun, less matchy space. Colours that are appearing throughout home stores are mustard and pale yellows, a variety of shades of greens and blue as well as pinks, purples and reds which compliment each other more than you would imagine and make an impressive impact.

Groupings of frames or mirrors

Creating an arrangement of different sizes, designs and styles of frames or mirrors, or even a mixture of the two, on are great focal points to a room and quite simply create a feature wall. This is music to thrifty design lovers’ ears as you can pick up cool shapes and sizes reasonably cheaply, creating a completely personal feature that can be swapped and changed as often as you like!


In print, as ornaments or embossed into glass wear, feathers are everywhere! If you want something a little subtler than large leaf prints let feathers save the day. Interestingly, as well as the flower prints and feathers natural materials and patterns in general are very fashionable this season. Wood, Bamboo and bark are appearing within wall decorations as well as being mimicked within soft furnishings like cushions and throws. This indulgent yet simple print can be as large or small as you wish, depending on how brave you are.

Personalized Items

There are loads of websites that create canvases, wall hangings, cushions, clocks and rugs personal to you. These are fairly inexpensive but make a house a home and are made to match your style and colour scheme. Perfect as presents, for your new babies room or a centerpiece in your family room these look really cool. Some great examples are a canvas containing a map with annotated facts about family trips to different countries or cities as well as rugs that have scrabble letters on spelling each family members name. Do enough online research and you will find great unique ideas that make your home stand out from the shop bought items your neighbors will have.

Animal Prints

We’re not talking leopard or snake print (although there is a lot of that around) we mean the cute repeated patterns of dogs, horses and owls that are popping up everywhere. Another addition to the natural theme, cartoonised or silhouetted animals are turning up throughout fashion both within clothing and interiors. Used more commonly in combination with jewel colours but is suitable within any room and often in combination with other prints to create a more classic, traditional feel to a room.