Monday, April 1, 2013

Aliens and Easter

Happy belated Easter everyone! I hope you had a cracking good time :) 

We had a great day here. The kids got up extra early, dug into their baskets (actually they were buckets), and immediately dived into the great egg hunt in the backyard. This was Mr. C's first Easter in which he could actually participate, so that was exciting. He's prone to filling his trick or treat bucket with toys and lugging it around the house, so I thought he'd catch on pretty quick (and he didn't disappoint!). 

After a hearty, french toasty, breakfast I met a friend at the mall to see The Host. I've really been looking forward to this film. I read the book about 4 years ago and really liked it, I thought it was a great change from Twilight and more "adultish". After the serious disappoint that was the Beautiful Creatures movie I was a little worried about The Host. Turned out my worries were justified.

Choose to Save Your Money 

What a waste of emulsion. If you haven't seen it yet, don't bother. If you really want to know for yourself, download a bootleg copy off the internet. Preferably with Russian subtitles, then maybe it will be educational and you'll get something out of the experience! Something besides vast disappointment, that is. 

Why does The Host suck so hard you might ask? It's a long list. The acting is lame, the voice-over was obnoxious (the southern accent just came off whiny), no character building, and it was boring! 

After the movie I rushed home to purchase the book on my Kindle. I needed to get the bad taste of the movie out of my mouth! 

I also had Game of Thrones to look forward to later that night. So excited to get this season started!

So, Easter was a huge success, The Host was a total flop, and Peter Dinklage is my hero! 

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