Monday, April 15, 2013

Body By You Week 1

I started using the Body By You workout program at the beginning of the week and I'm in love. I'm so motivated to do my workouts and keep advancing levels. It's like a game! I'm even motivated to eat healthier, I mean like really make a change, something that I haven't experienced in over a year. Scroll down for my Week 1 results or read on for a little review of the program! 

(Quick note: If you're doing this program and you haven't downloaded the app, or the free video pack that comes with it, do so! This is the best exercise app I've ever seen!)

A couple weeks ago Mr. Eight bought the book You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren. It was recommended to him by a coworker. Mr. Eight has been working hard recently to lose weight and get fit, in about a year and a half he's looking to reenlist as a pararescueman! This book is perfect for him because Mark Lauren is former special ops and helped design the training regimen special ops forces use to stay as fit as possible. His biography is pretty impressive!

After Mr. Eight suggested I check out the book (he was reading it on his e-reader) I got on Amazon to order it for my own Kindle. Lo and behold Mark Lauren has another book out designed just for women! I decided to give it a go and purchased Body By You. 

I recommend it to anyone looking to be healthy and fit. It's a quick and easy read, no gimmicks, no crazy diets, no fasting, juicing, or cabbage soup. The workouts take about 20 minutes and are performed 3 times a week. Easy to fit into a busy schedule? You betcha! The first day I did mine while the kids took a bath. I was able to perform all the exercises while keeping within 10 feet of the bathroom. 

This is a bodyweight training regimen, so you use your own weight, plus things around your house to do exercises designed to gain strength and build muscle. Your body burns more calories maintaining muscle, so it's a good thing to have around! (Don't worry, you aren't going to get all nasty buff, Mark explains why in the book.) 

This is Mark Lauren demonstrating Let Me Ins (Legs Slightly Bent). It's an easier variation of Let Me Ins.

Here's an example of things both Mr. Eight and I have used around the house to do our exercises: dining table, dining chairs with bench press bar laid across it (on top of two open books to keep it from rolling), the kids little art table, the end of Miss M's bed, door knobs, the stop sign 15 feet from our front door, and windowsills. 

There are five classes of movements that each have 25 exercises, listed in order from easiest to hardest. (Ex: some of the earlier pushing exercises are pushups at chest height, then waist height, followed by knee height.) This is one of my favorite parts of this program. It's hard to see progress on a scale or by looking in a mirror,  but it's really easy to see progress when you're building up step by step. I know that I'm getting stronger because I'm successfully completing movements I could barely do at the beginning of the week, and it feels awesome! 

Here's a comparison of where I began the week, and where I ended the week. Remember, there are only 3 days of workouts in a single week. 

body by you, mark lauren, week one, results, progress

Not too bad right? Although I have to say I think I'm gonna be at that 16th exercise in the Bending area for a while, One-Legged Hip Raisers ain't easy! 

I highly recommend this workout to everyone. I'm going to be sharing my progress here, I didn't see a lot of progress reports online, so if you're doing these workouts too leave a comment and please let me know how it's going for you! 

I took measurements all over my body yesterday, at the end of Week 2 I'll take them again and report any changes. No need to embarrass myself if there hasn't been any progress yet though ;) 


  1. Did you build the workout in the YAYOG-App? There is no "Body by You"-App as far as I know.

    I´m asking because my wife would like to start the "Body by You"-Training since she saw ma progress with the YAYOG-App.

    1. Hi sorry this is a super late response but I just saw your comment. Yes, it's the YAYOG app. Sorry for the confusion. It builds the workouts for you, although you can do a custom one.


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