Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DIY Photo and Font Wood Transfer or Cute Little Soap Sign For My Bathroom

This is one of those projects that's been sitting around my house waiting to be finished. I began it months ago, set it down, and didn't pick it up again. It's been sitting in the living room collecting dust for ages. I'm surprised my kids haven't destroyed it now that I think of it!

wood transfer, photo, font, words, bird, bathroom, decor, diy, handmade

This project is a combination of photo to wood transfer and font to wood transfer. Plus some painting.

I apologize in advance for not having photos of the whole process! 

I started with a plain piece of wood from the craft section at Wal Mart. I painted it white with craft paint and sanded the edges a little to wear it down. 

Next, I found this cute image at The Graphics Fairy, saved it to a USB stick and took it to Office Max to have it printed. Follow the directions at Photojojo to transfer the picture to the wood.

For this step you need:

  • Laser printed photo (hence the trip to Office Max)
  • Matte gel medium (I found this on Amazon, my craft store didn't carry it)
  • Mod Podge 
The font to wood transfer is a little easier. Pick out a font you like, I forget which free font I used here (sorry! It was months ago, shoot me) but you can find a million free fonts online to choose from

  • Print it out in the size you need for your project.

  • Turn the paper over and color over the area you want to transfer to the wood with a lead pencil. I wanted to paint the letters, so I simply traced the font. Hold the paper up to the window if you have trouble seeing the print. 

  • Flip it back over again so you're looking at the printed side. Tape the paper to your wood piece and use a pen or pencil to outline the font again from printed side. Check after a letter or two to make sure your transfer is working.

  • When you're finished, remove the paper and the tape carefully.

  • Pick out some lovely craft paint and use a small brush to paint in the letters. 
wood transfer, photo, font, words, bird, bathroom, decor, diy, handmade

wood transfer, photo, font, words, bird, bathroom, decor, diy, handmade

You're finished! 

I think this little guy is going to hang in my bathroom.

I'll share it hanging on the wall once I've finished organizing it. 

There are so many cool graphics at the The Graphics Fairy! Look around on the site and see what inspires you!

If you liked this project, check out my Beach Access font transfer board I made for my bathroom! It's actually a Christmas decoration disguised as beachy bathroom decor, shh!


  1. Great tutorial info, your signs (ornies, ssh) are perfect! I've wanted to transfer text to wood but always chicken out - must try it! Thanks for sharing, saw your link at Sew Much Ado.


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! The text to wood transfer is actually really easy, and it makes painting fancy font super simple :) Do it and let me know how it works out!


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