Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dual Decor Board: Christmas and Beach Bathroom

Last Christmas I made a board for hanging our stockings under. I'm not particularly fond of how the painted words turned out, but that's neither here nor there. The fact is I had this piece of Christmas decor laying around my garage when I decided I wanted to spruce up my bathroom a little. 

I hated my downstairs bathroom. It's very blah because I live in military housing and refuse to paint anything (yes we can paint, but when we move out of this house we'll have lived here a grand total of two years, not worth the effort). It was also crowded with a random assortment of Eastern Seaboard lighthouse decor I picked up at a yard sale a while back. I was so sick of it I didn't even bother taking a picture to post here haha. 

I decided going from one coastal aspect to another was pretty simple. I live in Hawaii after all. This time though I wanted it to be a little more personal, by using things that I made, rather than bought. 

So far I've hung up pictures I took myself while in Kailua last year, as well as this sign that I am immensely proud of!

I remembered seeing these cool decorations on Pinterest last year. This was posted at Over The Big Moon a couple years ago. Aren't these great? I thought if I could use the back of the stockings board for something else, then at Christmas I could just take it down and move it to where our stockings are. 

I used this tutorial from Jenna Sue to create this Beach Access sign. I didn't take any step by step photos, hers is pretty good, so check it out if you need help. 

I bought eye hooks at Home Depot and spray painted them white, drilled small holes in the top of the board and screwed them in, then tied twine to both. I also painted a small cup hook and screwed that into the wall to hang it. 

Here's the front and back. Now I can't wait for Christmas! :D

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