Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Whole30 Days 4-7

I felt a lot better the last half of Week 1. A lot less groggy, and, as long as I got enough sleep, I had more energy too than the first few days. 

I'm also starting to get into the swing of it. Giving the kids snacks I couldn't touch isn't so hard. Plus, I tried my hand at a few recipes to spice things up a bit! The key for success seems to be changing up recipes and keeping it as flavorful as possible. 

I'm a big sandwich person. It's my go to comfort food (who doesn't like soup and a sandwich?), it's easy, quick, and of course there are tons of varieties! It's pretty hard to mess up a sandwich. 

Obviously I'm not eating sandwiches this month. :(

BUT, I happen to feel that lettuce really does make a nice substitute for bread and even tortillas! 

Not only are they tasty, but they are super easy to throw together. Maybe I'm just lucky but my kids will eat them too, even the 2 year old. 

Take ground turkey/beef/chicken, salsa, olives, peppers, and wrap it in lettuce! Or try shrimp and salsa for a shrimp taco! Yum! 

Tuna or egg salad is also fantastic when wrapped in lettuce. Just gotta get that home made mayo down first ;) 

The Clothes Makes the Girl has a pretty good how-to video for the paleo mayo, but a quick Google search will give you a lot of recipes, variations, and videos. Just be sure all the ingredients are Whole30 A-Okay.

Around Day 4 I also tried homemade salsa. Not just any salsa either, pineapple salsa! I used to get pineapple and mango salsa at Trader Joe's when we lived in MD and I have to say this is even better. It was so crisp, cool, and fresh! I think it was all the cucumber. 

whole 30, pineapple salsa

Living in Hawaii has given me a lot of pineapple cutting practice, so I'm pretty quick at it. I can get through a whole one in less than ten minutes, including removing all the poky eyes. But if it's available, pre-cut pineapple is good too :) 

NomNomPaleo has a great Whole30 pineapple salsa recipe!

Check for more Whole30 update posts!

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