Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ornament Exchange Signups!

Have you ever participated in an ornament exchange?? It's tons of fun! When you do one online it's even better. You connect with people all over the country and share in the joy of the holiday season! See below how you can sign up!

Looking for a great and fun way to give and receive something homemade this year!  Join Crunchy Farm Baby's Second Annual Homemade Ornament Exchange!

The only thing better than giving something handmade during the holidays is receiving something handmade!  If you agree, join Crunchy Farm Baby in their second annual Homemade Ornament Exchange!  We're going to be running this in November to make sure that all ornaments can be made and received in time to enjoy them during the whole "tree season" and to get everything shipped out before the holidays get too crazy.

Deadline to sign up is November 26th, so hurry on over to join!  Participation is completely free and none of your personal information will be given out.

**BONUS:** There is a referral prize for whomever refers the most people to participate, so make sure you write down the name of this blog when you sign up, and SHARE SHARE SHARE to have people write down your name!  The winner will receive an additional homemade ornament by Leah, owner of Crunchy Farm Baby.