Friday, January 17, 2014

January 2014 Whole30 Week 1

It's Week 1 and I already feel great and have noticed a big difference. I'm falling asleep faster and sleeping better, I look skinnier (definitely lost some water weight), and I have more energy throughout the day. The first day was a little rough with the cravings, but they were easier to handle since this is my second Whole30. Now on Day 3 I'm hardly having any cravings at all. I can dole out M&Ms to Mr. C for peeing on the potty without any desire to munch on a few.

One of the best things you can do for yourself on Whole30 is load up on the veggies during breakfast. It's weird at first since fruit is usually associated with breakfast. Vegetables, though, are full of fiber and carbs that are going to keep you full for much longer. I no longer need a snack in between breakfast and lunch, I'm completely full throughout the morning. This is good when you're restricting your diet because it means you're in the kitchen less, and you'll be less tempted to reach for an unhealthy or non-compliant snack.

I've thought to myself several times over the past couple days how sad it is that we don't normally eat vegetables with our breakfasts. From now on I'm going to strive to incorporate vegetables into my kids morning routine. It keeps them from begging for snacks as well. My kids turn into big grumps when they're hungry, so they'll be happier and less likely to kill each other playing!

Veggies for breakfast = happy kids = nice play = mommy gets more things done

What I'm focusing on the most this month is meal planning. I wrote out a meal chart for the first week, and bought all the ingredients I need for a week's worth of freezer/crock pot meals. Truth be told these meals are probably going to last me closer to 2 weeks since Mr. Eight is a super picky eater and the littles don't each much.

The first meal I tried is a stew based off this recipe from Stuff I Make My Husband. It's included in her week's worth of freezer meals post which I used to plan my first week on Whole30.

The commissary didn't carry some of the vegetables called for in her recipe so I improvised. I'm calling it a Beef Winter Stew and I'm happy to say even the kids are eating it! We are blessed with good eaters. Miss M saw the collard greens in the bowl and said “Is that salad? Mmm!” and chowed down. True story.

Taco salad is still my favorite, simple Whole30 meal to make so I've had that for lunch twice already and I'll probably eat it again today.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the month and am already throwing around the idea of continuing (maybe a modified) Whole30 through February. Mr. Eight and I are doing a little island hopping for our anniversary in March and I want to look good in that bikini!

If you're interested in Whole30 you can find out more info here at Whole9Life. You can also read about myfirst Whole30 experience back in October 2013 (I lost 15 lbs hurray!).

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