Friday, April 25, 2014

New Project - Felt Toy House For Kids

I have a new love and hobby I've developed over the past few weeks and its name is FELT! I looove felt. Except it's not just felt, it's felt and embroidery. Wow. What a combination!

I've been pinning away on my new felt and embroidery boards on Pinterest

So far I've completed two projects, the most recent one being this chubby little felt house for my kids. Miss M claimed it long before it was done. I envision a whole little village of houses and buildings for the kids to arrange and rearrange around Mr. C's train tracks. The train tracks and table are usually the center of all pretend play in my house, (for trains and ponies alike). 

handmade, felt, house, kids, toy, stuffed, embroidery

This felt house is completely handmade. Hand sewn and stuffed, hence the roundness. Miss M refers to it as the little fat house. Next time I'd like to try using cardboard or something to reinforce the walls. 

The roof is a little funky as I was experimenting on each side how best to sew it on. The roof was the biggest PITA!

felt, house, toy, handmade, sewn, embroidery, tree
Check out that little tree!

Next on the list is a train station! I've already picked out the colors and drawn up a design :) 

I'm thinking of starting a new Etsy shop to offer these in. Let me know what you think! 

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